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Golden Meaning: 55 Graphic Artists Reveal the Maths of the Golden Ratio

There are more than a few sacred geometry fans visiting disinformation based on the outrage expressed at the recent post The Golden Ratio in Design is Nonsense. The Guardian profiles a new book, Golden Meaning in which the world’s top graphic designers explore the ancient geometrical concept of the Golden Ratio in poetry, food, sculpture, hairstyles and decorative art:


Pictured above are two self-portraits of the British designer Oli Kellett.

Which one is most attractive?

The left one is untouched. The right one is retouched so that the features of his face conform to the golden ratio.

The golden ratio – or golden mean – is a number that is said to provide the secret of aesthetic beauty.

Yet the picture on the right is just weird!

There is something about it that makes him look a bit too perfect – so much so that it is subtly grotesque.

I love the juxtaposition of these portraits since it makes you reflect on the idea of aesthetic perfection; whether or not beauty can ever be prescribed by mathematics.

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The Higher Side Chats welcomes Randall Carlson to the Cipher

Today on The Higherside Chats we talked largely about sacred geometry, cosmic patterns, Earth cycles, golden ratios, astronomy, astrology, and the ancient past.

In the Plus show, Randall talks about the public school system, his contributions to home schooling, tracing sacred geometry through history from one group or secret society to another, Catastrophism, ancient sites, and some underlying truth about climate change that the establishment has omitted from it’s study.

Check out Randall’s amazing website, classes,  and wealth of knowledge at: http://sacredgeometryinternational.com/

Join Visionary scholar Randall Carlson and David Metcalfe for a journey into the Cataclysm Fields!


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So Perfect, They Had to Die…

You’ve seen their shells in science textbooks, design magazines, and haggard hotel wall art, quite soon those might be the only places you’ll find one of nature’s most mathematically pleasing marvels, the nautilus. Their iconic image, made famous by their shell’s alignment with Fibonnaci’s sequence for determining the Golden Ratio, has also made them a target for humanity’s hunger for novelty. Having survived previous eras of mass extinction, it looks like in our design conscious world the nautilous might be marked for death by its perfection:

Nautilus, Golden Ratio“Nautilus’s ability, using the hydraulic system at the heart of the shell, to sink down to ocean depths of several hundred feet and lay eggs there, made these sea creatures immune to all the chaos that was going on at the surface in earlier extinctions. They could slow down their metabolism and just hibernate through whatever was going on above.

But they can’t cope with the fishermen who lure them into baited nets in the waters of the Philippines, Australia’s Great Barrier Reef, Fiji and Samoa.… Read the rest

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