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‘Ancient Aliens’ Becomes A TV Series

Ancient AliensDisinformation friend Giorgio Tsoukalos just emailed us to let us know that the “Ancient Aliens” special starring Giorgio and Erich von Daniken (among others) is becoming a full-blown TV series. The special was the rare History Channel show that avoided the usual skeptical treatment afforded by that channel’s producers and was well worth watching, so I have high hopes for the series:

We did it. This time, we REALLY did it!

I don’t even know where to begin, so I’ll just make it very short and VERY sweet:

Due to the success of ANCIENT ALIENS (2009), the show was picked up by the History Channel for a series!

It is with great pride that I announce to you:

Ancient Aliens: THE SERIES premieres on the History Channel on Tuesday, April 20, 2010 at 8PM with Episode I: The Evidence!

In total, there will be 5 two-hour episodes and I once again had the privilege to serve as the show’s Consulting Producer.

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U.S. Loosens Rules On Experimenting With Psychedelics

For many years the United States government has classified more or less all psychoactive drugs, many of them plants sacred to indigenous peoples around the world, with so-called "hard" drugs, making it extremely difficult for researchers to study their mental health benefits. Graham Hancock has written on this topic extensively, including in his essay "The War on Consciousness" included in the disinformation® anthology You Are STILL Being Lied To, and that issue will be at the heart of his first novel, Entangled, which will be published in the fall. Now the New York Times is reporting that policy may be changing:
As a retired clinical psychologist, Clark Martin was well acquainted with traditional treatments for depression, but his own case seemed untreatable as he struggled through chemotherapy and other grueling regimens for kidney cancer. Counseling seemed futile to him. So did the antidepressant pills he tried. Nothing had any lasting effect until, at the age of 65, he had his first psychedelic experience. He left his home in Vancouver, Wash., to take part in an experiment at Johns Hopkins medical school involving psilocybin, the psychoactive ingredient found in certain mushrooms. Scientists are taking a new look at hallucinogens, which became taboo among regulators after enthusiasts like Timothy Leary promoted them in the 1960s with the slogan “Turn on, tune in, drop out.” Now, using rigorous protocols and safeguards, scientists have won permission to study once again the drugs’ potential for treating mental problems and illuminating the nature of consciousness...
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Disinfo Reviews ‘Voodoo Histories’ (And Discovers That We Are To Blame)

I recently caused something of a stir here on the disinformation® site when I posted a New York Times book review of David Aaronovitch’s Voodoo Histories: The Role of the Conspiracy Theory in Shaping Modern History. Voodoo History I actually didn’t write anything to suggest how I felt about the book, and indeed I hadn’t laid hands or eyes on a copy at that time. The next day however, his publisher messengered over a great looking hardcover, so I cracked it open. Imagine my surprise at learning, on page 3, that it was us, The Disinformation Company, that was (at least partly) behind his animosity to so-called conspiracy theories. He writes:
“… in music and DVD chains across the United States and Britain, among the limited number of books on sale, the young browser is likely to come across oversize paperbacks with titles such as Abuse Your Illusions, You Are Being Lied To , and Everything You Know Is Wrong: The Disinformation Guide to Secrets and Lies. “Checking in at a rather substantial thirty dollars each, these books consist of bite-size essays by different authors dealing with myriad (and, frankly, random) subjects, from the oil industry to crime, via geopolitics....
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Graham Hancock’s First Novel, ‘Entangled’ Set For Publication

The Disinformation team was recently given a prized sneak preview of the very first novel from Graham Hancock, bestselling author of nonfiction blockbusters like Fingerprints of the Gods and Supernatural: Meetings with the Ancient Teachers of Mankind. It’s called Entangled and it’s set for publication in the UK in April 2010 (US publication is still not determined).

There’s a general description on Graham’s site here, but it doesn’t really do justice to the fantastic nature of the book. I don’t use that word lightly: this book really is in the fantasy genre, but it is infused with all the marvelous, groundbreaking insights that Graham has brought to his previous work, especially the book that we were privileged to be involved with, Supernatural.

I won’t reveal any more of the plot than is on the official site, but suffice it to say that it’s written in cliffhanger style and I was left with that awful void that arises when one reaches the end of a captivating read.… Read the rest

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Ayahuasca: A Strange Brew

The LA Times Magazine has a surprisingly balanced article about ayahuasca this weekend. Included in the piece is this quote from Disinformation author and friend Graham Hancock:

Among the more outspoken academic ayahuasca converts is British journalist and author Graham Hancock, who was researching a book on human origins (“Supernatural: Meetings With the Ancient Teachers of Mankind,” published in 2006) when he stumbled on what he perceived to be uniform patterns in the cave drawings of primitive man. He came to the conclusion that the phenomenon was inspired by the sudden discovery of hallucinogenic plants. This led Hancock to ayahuasca, which he says he has taken 26 times since 2003; he credits it with improving his life.

Still, Hancock tempers this praise with a warning. “It is extremely powerful,” he says. “Its effects can be deeply disturbing, and there may be some short-term trauma, almost like a post-traumatic shock disorder, with coming to terms with very disturbing insights about yourself.”

So what has it done for him?… Read the rest

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