The Infinite and the BeyondPodcast: Episode #008 — That Old Black Magick

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In this episode of The Infinite and the Beyond, we eplore the darker aspects of occult history by tracing the origins of the black magick tradition to the ancient grimoires and the early years of the Catholic Church in A Corner in the Occult.

We take a personal stab and hopefully kill the concepts of good and evil as we study how they are understood and often applied in one’s life. We have some fun with a capital W which addresses a long standing concern of mine.

In our journey through The Kybalion, we look into the Principle of Polarity which addresses polaric concepts and their empty dependence on each other and their illusionary, if not typically superficial, professed separatness.

I read listener email and announce a contest for this episode. I play a variety of show promos in support of the podkin and other podcasts I enjoy. All this and more as we address the controversial idea and existence of black magick from a traditional as well as from a philosophical perspective throughout the entirety of the show.

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