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Florida Man Dies After Eating Dozens of Cockroaches in Pet Store Contest

Picture: Acrocynus (CC)

Via The Smoking Gun:

Thirty-two year old Floridian Edward Archbold died in the parking lot of a pet store this past Friday after consuming dozens of roaches in a contest to win a free python. The “Eat Bugs for Balls” contest offered the snake as a prize for the person who could consume the most discoid roaches in four minutes. Archbold is reported to have stated he didn’t feel well before regurgitating the roaches he had consumed. He collapsed moments later. The investigation is currently ongoing. Discoid roaches, also known as “False Death’s Head” roaches, are popular feeder animals for tarantulas and reptiles like bearded dragons. They can reach lengths of three inches.

If you’re still reading this (and still have the stomach for it) you can read more at The Smoking Gun.

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