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Million mask march: How Guy Fawkes became the global face of modern protest

Remember, remember the Fifth of November, disinfonauts: This year Britain’s annual fireworks and bonfire celebration in the name of Guy Fawkes also marks the “Million Mask March.”

We Are Anonymous Sydney 2014

DW looks at how the Guy Fawkes mask has become the defining image of modern protest:

As night falls across the UK on November 5, thousands of families will be heading out to their nearest park to enjoy the local bonfire and fireworks display, whilst likely tucking into some bonfire specialities such as Parkin or toffee apples.

The British tradition marks the day in 1605 when Catholic would-be terrorist Guy Fawkes was arrested after attempting to assassinate King James I by blowing up the Houses of Parliament in London.

On the same night, in cities both in the UK and around the world, thousands of people are also due to take to the streets for the global “Million Mask March” and don their “Guy Fawkes” masks – a pale bearded face, made famous by Alan Moore and David Lloyd’s 1980s graphic novel “V for Vendetta” and the 2006 Warner Bros.

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V for Vendetta Turns Ten


This year we celebrate the tenth birthday of the film V for Vendetta, based on the classic graphic novel by Alan Moore. Moore is more than cantankerous when addressing the cinematic adaptations of his work, and movies like Watchmen, From Hell and The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen explain his ill-temper.

That said, for me, V is the exception and probably the best adaptation of Moore’s work we’re likely to see for some time. The movie was as faithful an adaptation as one might imagine and it brought a huge audience to the book’s examination of fascist psychology and propaganda. The book is one of Moore’s best, but I doubt that the Occupy Movement and Anonymous would have adopted the iconography of the Guy Fawkes mask if the image hadn’t been so widely exposed by the film.

That said, let’s give the author his last word. Here’s Moore talking about V

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Was Guy Fawkes A Fall Guy?


I thought it was generally accepted that the late Mr. Fawkes was the fall guy in the Gunpowder Plot, but the BBC wants to visit the issue again anyway because, you know, it’s Guy Fawkes Day (the 5th of November ‘n all that):

He is the most notorious of traitors to the British Crown.

Who now can immediately name William Joyce as Lord Haw-Haw, English propagandist for Nazi Germany? Or Roger Casement, who canvassed for German support for the 1916 Easter Rising? Or the British Free Corps, a unit of the Waffen-SS formed of British men? Individual names haven’t made it out of the history books.

In contrast, each schoolchild in Britain learns the story of Guy Fawkes and the Gunpowder Plot, and every year we burn his effigy to the accompaniment of fireworks.

But have we been commemorating a triumphant victory of the law over a violent usurper, or slandering the memory of an unwitting dupe?

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Guy Fawkes Day: Why ‘V for Vendetta’ is More Important Than Ever

Rabid Fish (CC)

Rabid Fish (CC)

Did you remember, remember the Fifth of November, disinfonauts? Well just in case you forgot, that means it’s Guy Fawkes Day. Michael Shammas tells us why Guy Fawkes and its modern day movie iteration V for Vendetta is more important than ever, at PolicyMic:

Warning: major spoilers below

Every Nov. 5 for the past few years, I’ve sat back with a few friends to watch V for Vendetta. While ostensibly we did this to commemorate Guy Fawkes Day, which marks the anniversary of British revolutionary Guy Fawkes’s attempt to blow up the Parliament in 1605, we really did it because everyone else was doing it, and we were bored.

But this Nov. 5, I expect I’ll be a bit more alert when I watch V. Why? Because the movie’s lessons are more important now than ever before.

Originally a graphic novel by Alan MooreV for Vendetta is set in a dystopian England where a revolutionary wearing a Guy Fawkes mask sets out to destroy a fascist party called Norsefire by convincing citizens to stand up and rule themselves.

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Guy Fawkes Mask Banned in UAE

“Beneath this mask there is more than flesh. Beneath this mask there is an idea, Mr. Creedy, and ideas are bullet-proof.” – V for Vendetta (2006)

Via Daily Dot:

Dubai police have declared the Guy Fawkes mask, the disguise most strongly associated with Anonymous, illegal. Police issued a warning was issued to anyone considering wearing the mask ahead of the UAE’s National Day on Dec. 2. They claim it symbolizes resistance to state authority.

“Using any symbol that insults the country or instigates unrest against its system is not allowed,” Gulf News cites an official as saying. “We urge citizens to celebrate using other symbols such as national flags, slogans or photos that are more appropriate to the happy occasion of National Day.”

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Anonymous Plans To Take Down Facebook On Guy Fawkes Day

Remember, remember the Fifth of November? The loose-knit group of people self identifying themselves as Anonymous certainly do. This year it’s not a gunpowder plot, though, just a plan to wreak vengeance on Zynga and Facebook (again – same story last year). Does anyone care, though?

From AnonNews:

Anonymous OP maZYNGA – phase 1 – started now.

JOIN OP : http://youtu.be/OG1ypqhWDQ0 [since blocked]

We did launch phase 1 of operation maZYNGA with release of the confidential documents leaked from the executives of Zynga. On november the fifth we will release the key to the data files. Remember , Remember the 5TH of November.


http://www.multiupload.nl/DELBKM7I2I mazyngaop_docs.zip (36.41 MB)
http://www.multiupload.nl/WV48I345JM ANON_MA_ZYNGA.7z (412.59 MB)


Zynga customers and Facebook users , We are anonymous . During the last few days anonymous has been targeting Zynga for the outrageous treatment of their employees and their actions against many developers .

We have come to believe that this actions of Zynga will result in massive layoff of a thousand people and legal actions against everyone that speaks to the public about this plan.

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Do You Really Care If Anonymous Takes Down Facebook On Guy Fawkes Day?

AnonymousThe amount of chatter on the Interwebs about the threatened takedown tomorrow suggests that we should care, but why? From CNET:

There are some people who believe that being without Facebook means being without themselves. These people are, therefore, shaking at their sinews this week, fearing Saturday’s potential disaster.

Perhaps you are suffering too severely from NBA withdrawal to remember that back in August a member (or not) of hacker collective Anonymous threatened to take down Facebook on Guy Fawkes Day, which happens to be Saturday.

Back then, Anonymous may (or may not) have disavowed this plan of action.

However, I might add to your deep-seated jitters when I tell you that the Twitter account of the anti-Facebook operation, @Op_Facebook, is very much active.

I wouldn’t even dream of deciphering whether covert messages might be passed within its tweets. There is certainly no obvious mention of a November 5 takedown.

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Firework Madness: Guy Fawkes Joins Diwali

Happy Guy Fawkes Day to all the British disinfonauts out there ... and Happy Diwali to all Hindu and Sikh disinfonauts. There should be some massive bonfires and firework displays going on tonight, the first time that Diwali -- the festival of light -- has fallen on November 5th since 1972. Lest anyone has forgotten their "Remember, Remember the Fifth of November" ditty, here it is courtesy of V for Vendetta:
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Republicans’ Anti-Obama Guy Fawkes Video

It seems to be driving people who care about party politics mad that some Republicans have released this video: Newser describes the hubbub as well as any:
This much is clear: The Republican Governors Association has put out a new anti-Obama video that can be seen at RememberNovember.com. Young RGA staffers put it together, reports the Daily Caller, which calls the video's production "top notch." Most agree it's pretty slick, but then things get a little confusing: The left thinks it's a tribute to Guy Fawkes—who tried to off the king of England in 1605—and the right says no way.

Time makes the case for the Fawkes connection here, noting the old rhyme of "Remember, Remember the Fifth of November."...

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