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Band Crowdfunding to Have Its Own Drummer Killed

Not a bad stunt to get some publicity, is it? The only catch seems to be that with a crowdfunding target of only $100, the band (Without Mother Fucking Order) will probably get the money – what happens to the drummer now?

Peter Yarmouth / Black and Blue Records

Peter Yarmouth / Black and Blue Records

The band notes on its Facebook page that the campaign has been taken down:

WOO! If you haven’t noticed, GoFundMe has taken down our page, we only raised $27 but our super scientist Tex Johnson said he can make the Death Machine work for that much, but he requires a Twix bar while he’s working on it, so we will be making a new GoFundMe campaign for that. We will be posting that very soon, so in the meantime, read that thing some guy wrote about us and stay tuned!

I think “that thing some guy wrote about” is this post at Riverfront Times:


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Liam Wilson of The Dillinger Escape Plan on Midwest Real | Rabbit Holes Never End

Via Midwest Real

Liam Wilson of The Dillinger Escape Plan talks fatherhood, consciousness and nomadic, otherworldly, head-sucking Ayahuasca shamans. 


somespaceshitbrightliamLiam Wilson is a successful musician, psychonaut, yogi, meditator,traveler and writer (by no means does he live an unexamined, life). Yet, nothing has prepared him one bit for the trajectory-altering, love-filled uppercut to the nethers of your ego that is fatherhood.

As if that weren’t nuclear enough, Liam just participated in a two-day Ayahuasca ceremony run by a mysterious, otherworldly, head-sucking, nomadic shaman. An experience that has left him reconsidering even the most basic anchors we ground our very realities with.

Liam is a contributing writer at Talkhouse. If you’re a fan of heavy music and somehow haven’t listened to his band The Dillinger Escape Plan, what in the name of Satan’s gnarled beard is wrong with you? 

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Boston Hardcore Revisited, Part I: Boston Crew

From Nick Pell at Red Star Times.

I don’t think a city ever needed a hardcore scene more than Boston. Beantown is a cold city, both the temperature and the population. Whether you’re a Beacon Hill patrician or a Charlestown townie a basic attitude of “fuck you” underlies each and every human interaction. Add to that an influx of obnoxious art school and college kids and you’ve got a recipe for extreme alienation for anyone with a brain and an independent streak.

It’s hard for me to imagine what Boston was like before hardcore dropped. Legend has it that the city was full of, in the eloquent words of Al Barille, “new wave faggots and new romantic bullshit.” I’d like to say that I can’t imagine BU students going to Landsdowne on a Friday night in pirate shirts and Adam Ant-style warpaint, but sadly I can picture such a thing all too easily.… Read the rest

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Ten Reasons My Hardcore Scene Is Better Than Your Hardcore Scene

From Nick P. at Black Sun Gazette

Picking up where my last article left off, I’m going to gloat. The hardcore bands I listened to in high school are way better than the hardcore bands you listened to in high school. These are the bands of my youth, more or less. The bands I spent my entire paycheck on. The bands I would ride the T up to Boston to see. The bands whose patches I spent hours meticulously sewing patches onto my flight jacket and jeans. These are the bands I lived and died by. A big thank you to all of them for saving me from a life a misery.

Full Article at Black Sun Gazette

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