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Monitoring Mosques? Fine, but Don’t Forget about Our Own Homegrown Christian Extremists

Kevin Swanson spews pro-murder hate speech at the National Religious Liberties Conference

Kevin Swanson is a fundamental extremist of the Christian persuasion. On November 6th and 7th, he hosted a pro-murder hate speech rally which was billed as the “National Religious Liberties Conference” in Des Moine, Iowa. Three GOP candidates attended this pro-murder hate speech rally, including Mike Huckabee, Gov. Bobby Jindal, and Sen. Ted Cruz.

Swanson used an archaic interpretation of the Bible as justification for imprisoning and executing homosexuals: “Yes, Leviticus 20:13 calls for the death penalty for homosexuals. Yes, in Romans Chapter 1, Verse 32, the Apostle Paul does say homosexuals are worthy of death — his words, not mine. And I am not ashamed of the gospel of Jesus Christ. And I am not ashamed of the truth, of the word of God. I am willing to go to jail for it…”

Well that’s encouraging to hear, Mr.… Read the rest

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Free Speech for Murderers and Freaks

freespeechI am sort of a live and let live kind of guy. I don’t really care what you do. At one point, I was employed as a prisoner rights advocate for the ACLU. One time I tried to help a bunch of murderers start a chapter of the Church of Satan inside prison walls under the guise of freedom of religion. It didn’t happen. The Department of Corrections sort of laughed at me.

Still though, I went to the wall for it. I tried really hard. Sometimes you just have to stand up for the rights of people to do really stupid shit, because it protects all of us. Right? Or maybe not.

What about Free Speech? You into that? What if it advocates mass murders, prejudice or diddling boys? Still down?

Check out the guys from Stormfront.

These guys are no fun at all. Stormfront is a white nationalist, neo-nazi Internet forum that has the distinction of being the Internet’s first major racial hate site.… Read the rest

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‘Killing Jews is Worship’ Riling New York

What do you think disinfonauts, is an ad campaign on New York City buses with the slogan ‘Killing Jews is Worship’ kosher? The NY Daily News has the story:

A conservative firebrand said Tuesday she plans to paper at least 50 MTA buses with Islamophobic posters following a judge’s ruling the ads were protected by the First Amendment.

Pamela Geller's controversial banner.

Pamela Geller’s controversial poster.


Manhattan Federal Court Judge John Koeltl wrote the MTA had improperly denied displaying Pamela Geller’s controversial posters featuring a picture of a menacing man with his face masked in a Middle Eastern scarf next to the quote, “Killing Jews is worship that draws us close to Allah.” The quote was attributed to “Hamas MTV” and included the tagline, “That’s His Jihad. What’s yours?”

Though the MTA had accepted other incendiary posters by Geller’s American Freedom Defense Initiative, it declined last year to post the “Killing Jews” ad, saying it could provoke violence.

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12 Stereotypes that Exist for a Reason

Wikipedia - Education for Death

From Walt Disney’s Education for Death

Everybody’s talking about “racists,” but no one agrees on the word’s definition. Do racists hate other races? Do they fear them? Is it racist to make fun of other races? To cynically pander to them?

The meaning is elusive because racism exists on a spectrum. Look carefully, though, and you’ll start to notice certain patterns.

Here are twelve handy peel-and-paste labels you can stick on any racists you come across:


Hates for the sake of hating.

The Hater Racist seethes with misanthropic disgust for all that is not him. You’ll find this Id-driven bigot spitting venom at your local bar or gleefully trolling the comments section.

Nasty, dehumanizing slurs roll off his forked tongue for the sadistic pleasure of offending sensitive people. He gets off on triggering your revulsion reflex. It’s about control.

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Crowdsourced Hate Speech Database Could Spot Early Signs of Genocide

via Wired UK Speech_logo

The use of hate speech to dehumanise people is widely recognised as one of the first steps towards genocide. From Rwanda, where Hutu radio stations blared out propaganda referring to Tutsis as “cockroaches”, to Nazi Germany, where Jews were likened to a disease that needed to be cleansed from society, hate speech has been a clear warning sign of terrible things to come.

Hatebase, a new crowdsourced database of multilingual hate speech from The Sentinel Project, is an attempt to create a repository of words and phrases that researchers can use to detect the early stages of genocide.

“How many people outside of Sri Lanka know that ‘sakkiliya’ is a Sinhala term used to refer to a Tamil person as ‘a very unhygienic or uncultured person’,” Christopher Tuckwood, executive director of The Sentinel Project, told Wired.co.uk. “Hatebase helps us to know what to look for and to make sense of what we see.”

Front-end users can log on to the website and add examples of hate speech from their communities, and also record location-specific “sightings”, while developers can use an authenticating API that allows them to mesh Hatebase data with other tools for genocide prevention.

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Silencing The Trolls: Twitter Considers ‘Hate Speech’ Censorship

Here at disinformation we mostly live with our trolls as a part of online life, but Twitter has decided to try to silence them. Via RT:

Is Twitter allowing too much freedom? What helped move revolutions along in the Middle East, has a flip side of cyberbullying and abuse, especially of those in the spotlight. Now Twitter is taking its first step towards censorship.

The news was broken by Twitter’s Dick Costolo who was speaking to the Financial Times. As the FT put it, the site’s chief executive “became visibly emotional” as he described his frustration in tackling the problem of ‘horrifying’ abuse, while maintaining the company’s mantra that ‘tweets must flow’. Anonymous and unpunished, irresponsible twitter-users find the site ideal for expressing all kinds of extremist, racist and sexistopinions. Celebrities are among those most vulnerable, with curses and bullying clogging up their ‘@connect’ section, offending many and disrupting conversations, often turning them into hate-fights.

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The Racism of the Reptilians

ReptoidMany comments in ‘Elite Reptilians Like Eating Our Brains Cold,’ much to my surprise, jumped to the defense of David Icke and ilk, claiming that there is no racist agenda behind the reptilian one.

Here’s an article from Wes Unruh on Modern Mythology, demonstrating quite the opposite:

Years ago, my first thoughts upon encountering the ‘reptilian agenda‘ (or reptilian mythic framework) was to think of it as A Case of Conscience meets Darker Then You Think, although the more obvious mythic maps you as a media consumer might be familiar with are Land of the Lost plus V. Imagine a race of lizard men who are always watching from the edges of society, like predators, feeding on misery. The reptilian narrative has it that an intergalactic race, the Draconis, has been interbreeding with humans since ancient times, and those bloodlines are responsible for manipulating events throughout history.

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