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Scientology’s Desperate Move To Stop HBO”s ‘Going Clear’

In a story entitled “NYTimes Desperate: Accepts Full Page Scientology Ad Bashing HBO Doc, Compares to Rolling Stone-UVA” Showbiz 411 suggests that the New York Times is so desperate for money that it agreed to run a full page advertisement from the Scientology cult. I’d argue that refusing to take the ad would be de facto censorship and, moreover, the entity that’s truly desperate is Scientology. In fact the Times has reported on the story itself, and filmmaker Alex Gibney has been mocking the Scientologists via Twitter:

Screen Shot 2015-01-16 at 6.40.47 PM


The ad is shown below. If the Scientology cult thinks it’s going to make fewer people want to watch the film, I’m afraid they’ve made the same mistake as the radical Islamists who thought that massacring the staff of Charlie Hebdo magazine would stop cartoons featuring the Prophet Muhammad from being published.

scientology nyt

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The Saga of Captain Midnight: ‘No Regrets’ About Jamming HBO 25 Years Ago (Video)

CaptainMidnightPaul McNamara writes in Network World's BuzzBlog:
John MacDougall, then 25, was the lonely pamphleteer of lore, only instead of paper and ink he was armed with a 30-foot transmission dish, an electronic keyboard, and a burning objection to HBO's decision in 1986 to begin scrambling its satellite signal and charging viewers $12.95 a month. That move and price had offended MacDougall's sense of fair play — and all but halted the sales being generated by his fledgling satellite dish business in Ocala, Fla. So at 12:32 a.m. on Sunday, April 27, he transformed himself into Captain Midnight by commandeering HBO's satellite transmission signal - interrupting a showing of The Falcon and the Snowman — and putting in its place the above protest message that aired for four-and-a-half minutes. The stunt touched off a nationwide manhunt by law enforcement to unmask Captain Midnight and a media circus that has MacDougall's head spinning to this day. He would be caught, plead guilty to a misdemeanor, and receive a wrist slap of probation and a $5,000 fine.
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