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A Political History Of Streaking

Streaking and Politics in the Post-Vietnam Era make be the best-researched analysis ever done on public nudity. The surprise argument is that streaking was a form of conservative protest:

Though late May 1974, a wave of “streaking”—occurred in the United States, primarily on college and university campuses [and] eventually spread around the world. Streaking generated significant press coverage and spawned a plethora of streaker-related consumer items including coffee mugs, t-shirts, “Keep On Streaking” patches…and two dozen novelty singles (one of which, Ray Stevens’ “The Streak,” became a major hit).

Streakers themselves reterritorialized the physical campus, cloaking themselves in nostalgia and a discourse of apolitical “student-ness” in order to deploy an assertive semiotics of white masculinity in the face of threats to white male hegemony within the university setting…

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