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Pope’s Butler Has Holy Spirit As His Defense In Vatileaks Trial

You have to hand it to Roman Catholics, they are consistent in their dogma. In what looks on its face like a garden variety case of petty theft, the Pope’s butler claims he stole the Pope’s papers on behalf of the Holy Spirit, who wants to wipe out corruption. We’ll find out soon if it’s a successful defense strategy. Via AFP/Yahoo News:

Pope Benedict XVI’s former butler and a Vatican computer technician will go on trial starting September 29 on charges of leaking secret papers that revealed fraud and intrigue in the Holy See.

The butler, Paolo Gabriele, has told investigators he was acting as an agent for the Holy Spirit to rid the Catholic Church of “evil and corruption”.

Photo: MatthiasKabel (CC)

He is accused of aggravated theft, which carries a sentence of up to six years in prison, in a scandal dubbed “Vatileaks” by the Italian press.

Gabriele will stand trial together with Claudio Sciarpelletti, who according to court papers played a secondary messenger role in an unprecedented scandal that has threatened to expose major rifts at the heart of the Catholic Church.

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How To Start A Dance Kult

BreakdanceLet’s start with what God is: the Father, Son & Holy Spirit.

The confusion about the nature of God starts with the idea God is separate from Existence. Also, there seems to be a tendency to treat the Father as God itself and the Son & Holy Spirit as a part of, but not equal to the Father. From these simple misunderstandings comes the logical paradoxes we’re all familiar with.

So here’s where we begin to clear things up. God is the single thing, but there are three aspects that make up the totality of God. Here’s the analogy: we take a piece of cheese. The cheese is one thing; however, there are aspects to the cheese that make up the whole thing: we have the shape, color & taste of the cheese. So where does the cheese end and its aspects begin? Well obviously that’s an impossible question.

So now the issue is defining the Father, Son & Holy Spirit aspects and how they together define God.… Read the rest

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