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Utah Man Fired for Blogging About Homophones

Does anyone else find it interesting that he was fired from a language center?

via Newsweek:

A Utah teacher and education blogger says he was fired from the Nomen Global Language Center in Provo after writing a blog post about homophones, though he disputes media reports that he was let go for promoting a “gay agenda.”

Self-described “social media specialist and content provider” Tim Torkildson recounted the firing in a personal blog post, which was subsequently picked up by The Salt Lake Tribune and other outlets. According to that account, Nomen Global owner Clarke Woodger was concerned that a post about homophones—words that sound the same but are defined differently—meant the school would be “associated with homosexuality.”

“He called me into the conference room, and he said, ‘We’re going to let you go,’” Torkildson told Newsweek.

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Christian Metal Band Catches Hell After Releasing Homophobic Single

Christian metal band Reformers (No “the”, just “Reformers”.) are catching all kinds of hell after releasing a culturally tone-deaf single railing against homosexuality titled “Abomination”. With a title referencing Leviticus and lyrics advising listeners that “tolerance is hate” and warning them that they’ll be called bigots if they judge “twisted love” it’s hard to imagine that it’s about anything else, but lead singer Andrew Backlin is doing a lot of back-pedaling.

In a video posted to the band’s Facebook page, Backlin has said that the song isn’t “singling out homosexuals” and that the song is against all “sin.” He also said that he loves everyone and has no hate in his heart. Here’s the video with lyrics. Following the jump you can watch Backlin’s explanation. See what you think.

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Mexican Political Leader: Gays Cannot Marry Because They Don’t Face Each Other During Sex

ANA MARIA JIMENEZ ORTIZ“Who pretends to love decently using the favorite position of dogs!”

Bow. Wow.

Via On Top Magazine:

Ana Maria Jimenez Ortiz, a local deputy of the PAN Party in Puebla, said during a forum on whether to legalize gay marriage in the state of Puebla that “marriage should only be considered as those relationships in which the members have sex while facing each other.”

Jimenez Ortiz said that this “does not occur between gay couples,” Mexican media reported. She added that blind people are also in that category, but it was unclear whether she was talking about legally blind people or those who prefer to have sex with the lights off.

She said that this was based on the scientific method, asserting that only eye contract at time of copulation creates a true union.

“Who pretends to love decently using the favorite position of dogs!” she said.

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