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Former Lawmakers Received $20,000 Honorariums to Appear at UFO Disclosure Event

ufo-5Whatever gravity that having five former congressmen and one senator might have brought to this year’s UFO disclosure hearing at the Washington Press Club may be negated by the revelation that each of them received a $20,000 honorarium for their presence. I’m available if anyone wants my opinion on UFO disclosure. Bribe – I mean, “honorarium” – negotiable.

Via The Guardian:

The politicians who made up the committee were given just five minutes each to cross-examine witnesses, but defended their presence and the $20,000 “honorarium”.

“I would not have come if I thought it was damaging to my reputation,” said California Democrat Lynn Woolsey, who retired from Congress this year after 10 terms in office. “I am here because I believe in transparency.”

Roscoe Bartlett, a Tea Party Republican from Maryland who served 10 terms in Congress and chaired a sub-committee of the House armed services committtee, said: “Extraterrestrials are not anti-biblical.

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