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How To Identify And Protect Yourself From Psychopaths

Vinny Eastwood and Thomas Sheridan together here, commiserating on the nature and tactics utilized by psychopaths and the best strategies for mitigation of this seemingly demonic or archontic force in human affairs.

Points raised include; “never try to out psychopath a psychopath”, the cumulative effects of government schooling (schule’ing) amounting to mass grooming for future enslavement to psychopaths, and how to elevate yourself beyond the games of those incapable of love.  With 1-4% of the population considered to be psychopathic or sociopathic; and the far reaching devastation wrought on a global scale by their pernicious influence, it is critical that the average person not possessed by this decidedly reptilian world view become aware of these often abusive and predatory aberrations and how they might prepare, cope and recover from any potential interactions with psychopaths.

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