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Only Elitists Oppose Monsanto’s Global Domination Plan

Hugh Grant. Photo: Janine Moraes (CC)

Hugh Grant. Photo: Janine Moraes (CC)

So sayeth Hugh Grant (CEO of Monsanto, not the fay English thespian). From Gawker:

Monsanto is a $58 billion multinational Pesticide-‘n-Frankenfood corporation that has moved on from selling Agent Orange to its new business of patenting actual seed genomes and thensuing farmers who try to grow crops without paying the Monsanto corporation. Who could be opposed to such a thing. Only the elites, clearly.

Nobody really knows what sort of social and environmental consequences might result from the widespread use of genetically engineered Monsanto seeds that are resistant to Monsanto pesticides. I mean, what kind of weirdo would question whether that system has a downside? Latte-swilling, Mark Bittman-worshipping elitists, according to Monsanto CEO Hugh Grant:

“There is this strange kind of reverse elitism: If I’m going to do this [meaning “not bombard the world with genetically modified seeds and pesticides and also destroy any farmer who attempts to buck the system”], then everything else shouldn’t exist,” Grant said at Monsanto’s St.

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