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Louisiana Oil: From The Kingfish To Deepwater Horizon

The collapse of Deepwater HorizonThis is not just another article about Deepwater Horizon, but rather a short history lesson.  For instance, have  you, or do you…

…ever wonder where the New Deal came from and why?

…know who drew up the borders of Iran, and why?

…ever wonder why Huey P. Long is universally portrayed as a mere laughable Southern caricature, though he was a hero to the common people of Louisiana until his death?

…know which oil company is responsible for more oil spills than any other?

…ever met a real live Cajun?  (aahyee!)

…know very much at all about Louisiana?

Well, make some popcorn and sit back, here is a full length documentary.  Unlike the History lessons in school, you will not be asked to memorize any names, dates or places, nor will you be bored and watching the clock for the end of the period.

Note: The first five minutes told enough history – of which most Americans today are completely unaware – that I knew where this was going to end up. … Read the rest

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AP Reports: Hugo Chavez Wasted Venezuela’s Money On Healthcare Instead Of Building A Giant Skyscraper

The western media can’t comprehend why Hugo Chavez used Venezuela’s oil wealth to pull his nation’s population out of poverty, when he could have built an indoor artificial ski mountain like in Dubai. Earlier this month from Fairness & Accuracy In Reporting:

One of the more bizarre takes on Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez’s death comes from Associated Press business reporter Pamela Sampson (3/5/13):

‘Chavez invested Venezuela’s oil wealth into social programs including state-run food markets, cash benefits for poor families, free health clinics and education programs. But those gains were meager compared with the spectacular construction projects that oil riches spurred in glittering Middle Eastern cities, including the world’s tallest building in Dubai and plans for branches of the Louvre and Guggenheim museums in Abu Dhabi.’

That’s right: Chavez squandered his nation’s oil money on healthcare, education and nutrition when he could have been building the world’s tallest building or his own branch of the Louvre.

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On The Legacy Of Hugo Chavez

This past fall, the Independent‘s Owen Jones wrote that Hugo Chavez’s towering feat was “proving it is possible to lead a popular, progressive government that breaks with neo-liberal dogma”:

Even opponents of Chavez told me that he is the first Venezuelan president to care about the poor. Since his landslide victory in 1998, extreme poverty has dropped from nearly a quarter to 8.6 per cent last year; unemployment has halved; and GDP per capita has more than doubled. Rather than ruining the economy – as his critics allege – oil exports have surged from $14.4bn to $60bn in 2011, providing revenue to spend on Chavez’s ambitious social programs, the so-called “missions”.

But when it comes to his relationship with his opposition, Chavez has arguably been pretty lenient. Many of them – including [recent presidential opponent] Capriles – were involved in a US-backed, Pinochet-style military coup in 2002, which failed only after Chavez’s supporters took to the streets.

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Hugo No More

Kim Monaghan and I recorded an epic episode of Coincidence Control Network today. It’ll likely go live by Thursday. During the recording Monaghan was moved to declare his love for Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez. The legally elected Chavez has been vilified as a mad dictator despite the fact that his political roots reach back to his heroic resistance of the former Venezuelan government that ordered soldiers to kill citizens during an uprising.

Tonight, news reports that Chavez has died are all frantically emerging across the mediascape. Chavez had cancer and had contracted a severe infection.

Oliver Stone’s South of the Border (2009) profiles Chavez, picturing a hero of the Venezuelan people who is vilified for his anti-business politics – in other words, he wouldn’t take orders from America. The film also pictures Chavez as the de facto leader of a “pink wave” of socialist leaders who have emerged throughout the region: : Evo Morales of Bolivia; Cristina Kirchner and former president Néstor Kirchner of Argentina; Rafael Correa of Ecuador; Raúl Castro of Cuba; Fernando Lugo of Paraguay; and Lula da Silva of Brazil.… Read the rest

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RIP Hugo Chavez

Picture: Marcello Cassal, Jr. (CC)

Multiple media outlets are now reporting that Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez has died after a prolonged fight with cancer. Chavez was 58.

Chavez was born to a working class family, but rose to become a military officer, revolutionary, politician and leader of his nation. Chavez was a staunch critic of the United States’ foreign policy and an ally of various Latin American socialist and communist nations, most notably Cuba.

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Chavez Suggests US May Have Caused Cancer In Political Enemies

Hugo ChavezConsidering the many bizarre attempts to poison Fidel Castro, it’s certainly not beyond the realm of possibility that the CIA would try to engender a terminal disease in Hugo Chavez and sympathizers. From Bloomberg News:

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez hinted that the U.S. may be behind a “very strange” bout of cancer affecting several leaders aligned with him in South America.

Chavez, speaking a day after Argentine President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner was diagnosed with thyroid cancer, said the Central Intelligence Agency was behind chemical experiments in Guatemala in the 1940s and that it’s possible that in years to come a plot will be uncovered that shows the U.S. spread cancer as a political weapon against its critics.

“It’s very difficult to explain, even with the law of probabilities, what has been happening to some of us in Latin America,” Chavez said in a nationally televised speech to the military.

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Did Capitalism End Life On Mars?

225px-HugoChavez1823.jpegHugo Chavez really, really hates capitalism. The Venezuelan leader cites the barren planet Mars as an example of what happens when capitalism takes over the world (report from Reuters via Yahoo Finance):

Capitalism may be to blame for the lack of life on the planet Mars, Venezuela’s socialist President Hugo Chavez said on Tuesday.

“I have always said, heard, that it would not be strange that there had been civilization on Mars, but maybe capitalism arrived there, imperialism arrived and finished off the planet,” Chavez said in speech to mark World Water Day.

Chavez, who also holds capitalism responsible for many of the world’s problems, warned that water supplies on Earth were drying up.

“Careful! Here on planet Earth where hundreds of years ago or less there were great forests, now there are deserts. Where there were rivers, there are deserts,” Chavez said, sipping from a glass of water.

He added that the West’s attacks on Libya were about water and oil reserves…

[continues at Reuters via Yahoo Finance]

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Oliver Stone Infuriates The Jewish Media

Stone at the 66th Venice International Film Festival, 2009When will the media learn that certain moviemakers are habitual gadflies who can’t resist winding up journalists with some timely, controversial statements that will afford them way more publicity than the craziest Hollywood marketing budget could dream of? Oliver Stone, whose 10-hour television documentary “A Secret History of America” will air this year on Showtime, chose the British Sunday Times to launch his latest assault. The Times is a Murdoch rag that’s placed its content behind a pay wall. The National Post grabbed this excerpt:

The 10-part documentary [which Stone is planning] will address Stalin and Hitler “in context”, he says. “Hitler was a Frankenstein but there was also a Dr Frankenstein. German industrialists, the Americans and the British. He had a lot of support.”

He also seeks to put his atrocities in proportion: “Hitler did far more damage to the Russians than the Jewish people, 25 or 30m.”

Why such a focus on the Holocaust then?

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Chavez Uses State Funds to Hire 200 Staffers to Manage Twitter Account

Chavez may be a bit loony, but he does live in 21st century. This article from The Raw Story might be just the job posting you are looking for.

from Valter Campanato at Wikimedia Commons

Photo: Valter Campanato/ABr (CC)

Just days after his new Twitter account became a must-read in Venezuela, President Hugo Chavez said he was setting up a special office with 200 staff and public funds to handle requests supporters Tweet him.”I’ve created my own Chavezcandanga mission to answer (the messages) and we’re even going to create a fund for the mission to provide many things that are now missing and that are urgent,” Chavez said late Saturday during a televised cabinet meeting.

He said the public fund will be used to make the most needed improvements in the country that his followers bring to his attention, such as in the health care and housing sectors.

Chavez late last month opened his Twitter account and it quickly took top billing in the South American country with an estimated 248,000 followers.

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