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Fundamentalist Thriller “Final: The Rapture”

Just when you thought it was safe…

2012 has come and gone, Nibiru still hasn’t shown up, and the 1% has not made off with all the beautiful people to dart into the subterranean tunnels under D.I.A.

But we forgot about something…  the Rapture.


Just love that expression!

The Christian Fundamentalists haven’t forgotten though.  I will confess – Hey, it can’t hurt my chances! – that I ran across this on a torrent site, which will go nameless.  I had never been to one before and, since they are going to close them all down soon, I should go see what one looked like.  Ok, no lightning yet.  I guess it’s safe to continue.

It occurred to me that perhaps I had sold my bug-out bag too soon when I saw the ad and preview for this film “Final: The Rapture.”  But then I quickly came to the realization that unless I am already a winner of the Fundamentalist Levitation Lottery, I am a Post Toastie already! … Read the rest

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Author and Activist Chuck Tingle on The Flavor Regulation Act, and Skin Removal For All Men


Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Commons.

In today’s political and cultural environment there are very few successful celebrities who are willing to put their reputations on the line for causes they believe in. This isn’t the case for literary superstar, Chuck Tingle.

You are known as one of the countries best authors, but a lot of people don’t know about your work fighting the flavor regulation act. Can you tell us a little about Allow All Flavors and what you are trying to do to fight this?

The flavor regulation act is an unfair law from house name of THE WHITE HOUSE where presidents sit. It says that all flavors are outlawed besides strawberry, chocolate and vanilla and I think that this is very wrong. I don’t like that rocky road is illegal, which is the first thing that buckaroos think of when they think of illegal flavors.… Read the rest

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Eamon Aldrich: Doghouse Architect

THE OFFICES of Aldrich + Rover are spacious and lightly furnished. A small reception vestibule, home to two Barcelona chairs and accompanying Granada footstools, leads into the work area. There are drafting desks, and several long reclaimed wood tables atop which sit computers and printers. The ceilings are high and exposed; the walls are bare and white. There are many windows. On this day in late spring, sun pours in.

IMG_8810 2.JPG

Eamon Aldrich’s desk is in the corner, near a large window overlooking a North London dog park. Late afternoons, he likes to lean back in his chair and spend some moments looking outside, watching the Labradors and beagles and dachshunds at play. It is a bit of quiet contemplation for the world’s foremost doghouse architect.

But today there isn’t time for such reflection: a deadline looms. A Swiss cuckoo clock heiress who commissioned a seasonal doghouse for her mastiff is coming to review the plans, and the office is bustling.

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A Rush-Hour to the Bottom

cab hill


The fog horns were blowing all last night across the San Francisco Bay. I could hear the music from my attic flat all the way over here in the Western Addition. They came whooshing in, rolling over the hill with their volley, back and forth, back and forth, bridge to ship, ship to bridge, “BRR-AWWWW-NNN-PPP!” “MOOOAA-WWWNNN-PPP!”

They can keep you up a little at night. But it’s also kind of calming, and cool. Reminds you of where you are. But it must be a bit more of a deal for those living down in the Marina; with the caveat that fog and hence, the fog horns, are somewhat rare these days in drought-stricken California.

It’s 4:53am and I’m heading up Post in my van on a quiet ride to work. It is indeed thick grey out, misty, foggy, wet… and WINDY! I do very much see the need for the horns last night.… Read the rest

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Kung Fury: Pure ’80s

For any disinfonauts who grew up in the ’80s, the Kickstarter-funded movie Kung Fury is going to take you back in the most hilarious way. Block out the next 30 minutes and enjoy “Kung Fury, a Kung Fu renegade cop who travels back in time to kill his Nemesis, Hitler. The film features nazis, dinosaurs, vikings and cheesy one-liners.”

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7 Signs of a Sacred Clown: Heyoka Wisdom & The Healing Trickster Shaman

Fool of the Tarot by Hannah Jakubowski

I felt these articles were thought provoking and familial with the many disinfonauts who, from what I can tell, seek to enact change and incite awareness through irony and humor. This is for those of us who’d rather die from laughing than live without ever cracking up.

The Path of the Sacred Clown: Where Trickster and Shaman Converge by Gary Z McGee

“The main function of a sacred clown is to deflate the ego of power by reminding those in power of their own fallibility, while also reminding those who are not in power that power has the potential to corrupt if not balanced with other forces, namely with humor. But sacred clowns don’t out-rightly derive things. They’re not comedians, per se, though they can be. They are more like tricksters, poking holes in things that people take too seriously. Through acts of satire and showy displays of blasphemy, sacred clowns create a cultural dissonance born from their Crazy Wisdom, from which anxiety is free to collapse on itself into laughter.

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’90s Christian Kid’s Show Warns of the Dangers of R-Rated Movies

A glorious snippet from the Christian show, McGee and Me! Don’t trust those R-rated movies, kids.

“Your mind is the most important thing you have. That’s why the Lord is very clear when he says we have to be careful what we put in it. Just by going to see [Night of the Blood Freaks], you’ve put something in your mind to… to dirty it.”

h/t Christian Nightmares via Everything Is Terrible! | Follow Christian Nightmares on Twitter.

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