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Farm Confessional: I’m an Undocumented Farm Worker


513 migrant workers jammed inside a truck trailer

Are Americans fat and lazy, or do the farms hiring undocumented farm workers bring down the pay and working conditions?

via Modern Farmer

I’ve seen on the news that some Congress members or American citizens say undocumented workers are taking their jobs. We’re not taking their jobs. In the 14 years I’ve been here, I’ve never seen an American working in the fields. I’ve never seen anyone work like Mexicans. In restaurants and construction, you’ll find Salvadorans and Guatemalans, but in the fields, it’s almost all Mexicans.

The work is hard — but many jobs are hard. The thing that bothers me more is the low pay. With cherries, you earn $7 for each box, and I’ll fill 30 boxes in a day — about $210 a day. For blueberries, I’ll do 25 containers for up to $5 each one — $125 a day.

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On Immigrants Versus Expats

immigrantsRegarding how the terms we use frame our perceptions, Mehran Khalili on the terms for people from other places:

Immigration, a lexicon: You’re a ‘migrant’ when you’re very poor; ‘immigrant’ when you’re not so poor; and ‘expat’ when you’re rich.

Semantics matter: the images evoked by the words used to refer to a group of people will, over time, help to define what we think about that group and how we act towards it. And in the case of people migrating to Greece who have in recent years been badly mishandled by the state, the use of neutral language in reporting by international media and NGOs is vital.

Literally speaking, ‘migrants’ and ‘expats’ do indeed have the same meaning. But since practical usage can be something else entirely, feed both terms into Google Images to see how they’re illustrated. ‘Expats’ in Greece are depicted as white; ‘migrants’ as darker-skinned.

Who decides what ethnicity a person should have to be called a migrant?

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Native American Man to Anti-Illegal Immigration Protesters: ‘You’re All Fucking Illegal!’

The truth clearly has the power to break up a crowd of incognizant Arizona Sand Cutters. I gotta give it to this man, that is a bold and courageous stand he took.

via mediaITE


New video shows a Native American man tearing into anti-illegal immigration protesters at an undated Arizona rally, scolding them for being the “real illegals” due to the history of Europeans stealing native lands after arriving upon the American continent.

“You’re all fucking illegal! You’re all illegal,” the man, pushing a baby stroller, is seen screaming at the protesters. “We didn’t invite none of you here. We’re the only native Americans here!” he continued.

The unidentified man continued to berate the protesters, who seemed uninterested in engaging him as they began to walk away.

“Get on with your bogus arguments,” he yelled. “We’re the only legal ones here!”

He then pointed to one of the anti-immigration signs (not clearly seen on-camera): “Yeah, we should have put that sign up when you son-of-a-bitches came!

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Theme Park Offers Experience Of An Illegal Border Crossing

The undisputed highlight of Parque EcoAlberto, a nature and water park located in formerly sleepy El Alberto, Mexico, is an immersive experience called the "Caminata Nocturna" simulating the clandestine crossing of the U.S. border. The grueling adventure lasts up to eight hours and involves a journey through "mud, tunnels, canyons, poisonous plants, snakes, and spiders", with actors appearing as "coyote" human traffickers and U.S. border patrol agents. EcoAlberto has been accused of belittling the deadly perils faced by actual migrants, but perhaps deserve credit for offering a window into this world:
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Author Of Arizona’s Anti-Immigrant Law Says Infants Can Get IDs To Prove They Are ‘Legal’

senate_sb1070_120424a-615x345Explaining the “reasonableness” of controversial SB 1070, Republican Russell Pearce says that suspicious children in Arizona are welcome to carry state-issued IDs to ensure that they aren’t rounded up and taken to detention centers. Compassionate conservatives, always thinking of the little ones. Raw Story reports:

The author of a controversial anti-immigration bill in Arizona said on Tuesday that young children could simply get state-issued identification to prove they are in the U.S. legally.

Appearing before a Senate Judiciary subcommittee, former Arizona state Senate president Russell Pearce defended the state’s SB 1070 law, which requires police to check the immigration status of suspects during traffic if there is a “reasonable suspicion” that they undocumented immigrants.

Committee Chairmen Chuck Schumer wondered why the bill did not exempt minors from having to produce proof of citizenship. “All the children can be checked and should be checked under the law and its regulations,” Schumer pointed out.

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America’s Third War: ICE Agents Nab More Than 600 Alleged Gang Members In Raids On U.S. Cities

Photo: Tiasma31 (CC)

Photo: Tiasma31 (CC)

Fox News reports:

“Hands on the car!! Hands on the car!!” “Guys! Come to the railing!! Come to the railing!!”

The urgent commands were coming from heavily armed agents with U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement. And the people quickly putting their hands up or onto the vehicle are not along the Mexican border, as one might expect with ICE, but in cities all over the country.

For the past two months, ICE, working with local law enforcement, nabbed hundreds of alleged gang members with transnational ties to major drug-smuggling cartels. Operation Southern Tempest had one goal: disrupt the dealing of cocaine, crack, meth and pot in American neighborhoods.

“These are not simply drug dealers,” ICE Director John Morton told Fox News. “We are talking about violent street gangs that are involved with everything from murder to theft to racketeering.”
Morton is announcing the results of his nationwide sweep through more than a hundred U.S.

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Lou Dobbs Employed Illegal Immigrants

From the Nation:
Since he left CNN last November, after Latino groups mounted a protest campaign against his inflammatory rhetoric, Dobbs has continued to advocate an enforcement-first approach to immigration, emphasizing, as he did in a March 2010 interview on Univision, that "the illegal employer is the central issue in this entire mess!"
His scheduled October 9 address at the Virginia Tea Party Convention will mark his second major Tea Party address of the year...
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Obama vs Arizona

President Barack Obama, along with the Justice Department, filed a lawsuit against the state of Arizona for the passing of an immigration law that would allow the failure of carrying proper documentation subject to arrest. This lawsuit may be taken to court as early as today. Making this the sixth lawsuit against Arizona, many people have argued that the law allows local law enforcement to hassle citizens based on racial profiling.

Arizona has argued, and fine-tuned the law, to emphasize the fact that officers will not perform random spot checks, but will enforce the law once someone has brought attention to themselves because of another law-breaking action. This  questions if “reasonable doubt” could easily be jaywalking, broken tail light, etc. Although this law has been widely contested throughout the country, according to Los Angeles Times, Arizona has already received $120,000 in private donations throughout the nation,to defend the law.  In President Obama’s speech on comprehensive immigration reform, on July 1, he addressed the concern over Arizona:

“States like Arizona have decided to take matters into their own hands.

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