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‘Indefinite Detention’ Bill Heads To Obama’s Desk As White House Drops Veto Threat

One more reason to vote for Ron Paul. The only candidate even speaking out over this absolute travesty of justice.  Fox News fails to mention that this bill enables indefinite detention of American Citizens and revokes posse comitatus opening the door for martial law in America. Paul Joseph Watson writes on InfoWars:

UPDATE: Obama has dropped his threat to veto the bill and is now expected to sign it into law. Remember — it was Obama’s White House that demanded the law apply to U.S. citizens in the first place.

The bill which would codify into law the indefinite detention without trial of American citizens is about to be passed and sent to Obama’s desk to be signed into law, even as some news outlets still erroneously report that the legislation does not apply to U.S. citizens.

“The House on Wednesday afternoon approved the rule for the 2012 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), setting up an hour of debate and a vote in the House later this afternoon,” reports the Hill.
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