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Giordano Bruno: Rebel Monk

Disinfonauts! I recently had the once in a lifetime chance to go to Italy and pay homage to one of my personal heroes. While in Rome I visited the site of the immolation of Giordano Bruno, a man who was once a monk who then followed a new path that resurrected many Gnostic and Hermetic ideas. I made this video to pay homage to his memory in hopes that we will all remember to live our lives with passion, integrity and a willingness to fight for what is true and good in this world.

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The Inquisition Can be a Witch’s Best friend – An Open Letter to ‘Occult Experts’

This is a sort of rambling, open letter to all “occult experts” who find themselves in the position to promote panic among the community and law enforcement when something weird pops up in the woods, local cemetery or any other place with potential to be mytho-poetically relevant. You’ve appeared again in the news, and your presence is as annoying and unnerving as ever. Did you know that the Inquisition can be a witch’s best friend? Well, let me be a bit more direct…by your own definition you are the witch in this situation.

“Oh no! I’m a god fearing scholar,  a concerned citizen doing my duty to inform the public about the nefarious doings of black magic and evil witchcraft!”

Really? If you honestly think so, please go and study some basic psychology before you start ranting to the public about spells and sorcerers. The more media attention that your crazy talk gets the more you’re priming the community for something to actually occur, and I’m not talking supernatural, I’m talking folks getting dumb ideas and getting violent.… Read the rest

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