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You Have to Be Conscious to Deny Consciousness, and Other Conundrums


via Evolution News:

Would you have a rational discussion with a zombie? Materialists are forced into the position of discussing philosophy and science with the walking dead, since under their terms we are all that. Unless rationality is a mindful concept — unless we are more than atoms in motion — that’s the logical result of denying mind and intelligence.

To deny that we are mindful creatures, the materialist also has to deny the existence of any realm of abstract concepts that a mind can access. Yet materialism itself is an abstract concept.

This seems intuitively obvious, but it’s amazing how often materialists ignore the self-refuting nature of their assumptions. Nancy Pearcey wrote about this a few months ago, noting ways in which materialist claims commit the self-referential absurdity: “Applied to itself, the theory commits suicide.”

A recent example is a new theory of consciousness from Ezequiel Morsella, a psychology professor at San Franciso State University.

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Files from the Academic Fringe: Pt. 2 — Creationism


St. Richards, Patron of Biology Teachers

Read Files from the Academic Fringe: Part 1 — Scientism here.

In a humdrum secularist society, religion emerges as the life of the party. Yes, yes, Crusades and jihads and widows burned alive—all big time bummers, I know. On the bright side, religious worldviews breathe life into an otherwise inanimate and utterly pointless universe. It’s a good book you never have to put down. It’s sex before germ theory. It’s rum in a tepid punchbowl.

Weary of dry Darwinians, I decided to pay a visit to the Creationists.

It was October of 2012. I drove out of Nashville past farmland and swamps and into the wooded Kentucky mountains. Bright red leaves swept past me. The trees appeared translucent, shimmering, the blend of orange and green leaves creating strange illusions, as though Creation was decorated for winter’s arrival. A crushed coyote lay dead beside the highway, his paw limp over his sternum, facing the sky, a subtle smile on his snout.… Read the rest

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Charles Darwin On The Ouija Channel

by Robert David Singer

[Note: If you are not up-to-date with the debate over Evolution, Creationism and Intelligent Design, you will want to read the Preface Notes first, identified by a [p] at the beginning of the sentence. Preface Notes will separate fact from fiction and rumor from humor in my prima facie case for Intelligent Design.]

[p1] Professor Richard Dawkins, one of the greatest living “experts” on blind Watchmakers and selfish gene-centric Evolution got out his Ouija Board to channel the spirit of Charles Darwin, author of The Origin of Species and the father of Naturalism and Atheism.

Contacting Darwin was considered of a dangerous and controversial nature because if his current residence is Hell then a whole lot of evolutionary biologists will be out of work.

[p2] Dawkins and company agreed it was worth the risk because there aren’t enough Evolutionists to rip out the pages of one million copies of Ray Comforts new book linking Darwin and Natural Selection to Hitler.… Read the rest

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Richard Dawkins: The Greatest Show on Earth (Video)

Richard Dawkins' The God Delusion created a storm of controversy over the question of God's existence. Now, in The Greatest Show on Earth, Dawkins presents a stunning counterattack against advocates of "Intelligent Design" that explains the evidence for evolution while keeping an eye trained on the absurdities of the creationist argument. More than an argument of his own, it's a thrilling tour into our distant past and into the interstices of life on earth. Taking us through the case for evolution step-by-step, Dawkins looks at DNA, selective breeding, anatomical similarities, molecular family trees, geography, time, fossils, vestiges and imperfections, human evolution, and the formula for a strong scientific theory. Dawkins' trademark wit and ferocity is joined by an infectious passion for the beauty and strangeness of the natural world, proving along the way that the mechanisms of the natural world are more miraculous -- a "greater show" -- than any creation story generated by any religion on earth.
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Vandalizing Darwin: the Kirk Cameron, Ray Comfort campaign

Douglas Mesner of the Boston Underground Examiner adds his own acerbic commentary regarding Kirk Cameron’s latest anti-evolution campaign:

A new piece of Creationist drivel asks some inane questions meant to be provocative to the flummoxed “Darwinian fundamentalist”:

“Can you explain which came first—the blood or the heart—and why? Did the heart in all these different species of fish, reptiles, birds, and mammals evolve before there were blood vessels throughout their bodies? When did the blood evolve? Was it before the vessels evolved or after they evolved?”

If asked in honest curiosity by a middle school child before entering her first formal biology lessons, the questions might merit praise, and the child might be assumed to genuinely value the answers.  Alas, in the case quoted above, the questions are meant rhetorically, believed to have no plausible answer, and posed by an incurious – if outspoken – evangelical propagandist named Ray Comfort.

With these questions and more, Comfort, the co-founder (with former actor Kirk Cameron) of The Way of The Master Ministries, has decided to shamelessly advertise his ignorance of evolutionary biology in an introduction appended to a limited printing of the field’s foundational text, On the Origin of Species by Charles Darwin. 

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