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Gaddaffi’s Exile Options: Which Country?

GaddafiVia The Washington Post:

For dictators, it is no longer easy to get away from it all. Just ask Col. Moammar Gaddafi. As Libya’s rebels surround him and NATO’s no-fly zone shrinks Gaddafi’s dominion to a sliver of real estate, he may be seriously contemplating his Plan E. Exile, that is.

The trouble is, Africa’s so-called “king of kings”doesn’t have many choices. Gaddafi’s brutal treatment of Libyan citizens would make him an unwelcome house guest for any country that wants to have a semblance of a relationship with the United States or much of Europe. No Asian nation wants the headache of a dictatorial diva. Thirty-one African countries have signed on to the International Criminal Court, which probably would put Gaddafi at too much risk of ending up at The Hague. And most of his fellow Arab autocrats are hardly in a position to offer anyone a safe haven these days.

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