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The appropriation artist who can’t get George Lucas to sue him


Photo: Alex Welsh

James Greene Jr writes at Hopes&Fears:

A long time ago in a borough not especially far away, a musician known as Supergenius created a funky contortion called Star Wars Breakbeats.The album weaves portions of dialogue, sound effects, and incidental music from the original trilogy into mesmerizing, rhythmic concoctions that effortlessly convey the intrigue and appeal of the fictional realm inhabited by Darth Vader, Han Solo, and Salacious Crumb.

Star Wars Breakbeats quickly became an underground sensation upon its release in 1996, but it wasn’t enough to keep Supergenius (né Morgan Phillips) from changing his handle to the Sucklord and moving into custom toy production. Star Wars Breakbeats has been out of print for years; thankfully, the Sucklord is finally making his creation available digitally. As The Force Awakens looms on our pop culture horizon, we reached out to the Chinatown-based artist to pick his brain about the album’s creation, its legacy, and the Godzilla companion album that remains unreleased.

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So You Say You Are An Anarchist?

heroes - [anarchy in palermo IV]

Saying you are an anarchist is an instant way to grab some credibility. It gives one a certain cachet to opine that anarchy is the way to go. Government and the police? Fuck that, right? Yet many people who give credence to the thought of anarchy really don’t get what the whole scene is all about.

Could you roll with being an anarchist? Disinfo spoke to Gerard Casey, a Professor in the School of Philosophy at University College Dublin, Ireland, and is also an Adjunct Scholar at the Ludwig von Mises Institute. He has published a monograph on the libertarian economist, Murray Rothbard, and his most recent book is Libertarian Anarchy: Against the State.

Do we need governments for peace and security?

No. Human beings lived together for most of their history without a state and while their existence was far from idyllic, they could not have survived unless peace and security made the order of the day.Read the rest

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Alejandro Jodorowsky on El Topo sequel, Endless Poetry


“A medicine man shouldn’t be a saint. He should experience and feel all the ups and downs, the despair and the joy, the magic and the reality, the courage and fear of his people…You have to be God and the devil, both of them. Being a good medicine man means experiencing life in all its phases. It means not being afraid of cutting up and playing the fool now and then. That’s sacred too.”

— Alejandro Jodorowsky from Psychomagic

I had my mind utterly melted by the twisted genius of Alejandro Jodorowsky after watching his cinematic masterpieces, El Topo and The Holy Mountain. These experiences permanently stained my soul at the tender age of 18.

It’s always been my dream to personally speak with the mad wizard mind behind the amazing experimental comics like The IncalMegalexMetabarons, Technopriests, and more recently Royal Blood, especially as an indie comics creator myself who is always on the lookout for new creator owned titles in the medium.… Read the rest

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My Interview With a Nihilist Means Nothing, As Does Your Life


It always has, and always will, confuse me as to why Nihilists get such a bad rap. Obviously there isn’t one thing that you, or I do, on a daily basis that has any meaning at all. Our lives mean nothing. Yet we all strut around, getting drunk, fucking, and freaking out about what kind of car we drive, how much money we have, or how cool our phones are.

Quite pathetic really. Nihilism is where it is at. I spoke to John Marmysz, author and professor of Philosophy at College of Marin, about how there is no point to your existence, none at all.

It seems to me that it’s rather obvious that our lives have no real meaning or value. We all die and what we do here on Earth means nothing. Why do you think that bugs people out so much?

I think you’ve put your finger on one of the central issues of concern to nihilists: human finitude.

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Why horror movies are obsessed with creepy kids, dolls and clowns


Alison Nastasi writes at Hopes&Fears:

Not all children are sugar, spice, and everything nice. In the realm of horror movies, the creepy kid trope is king. Some tiny terrors are born evil (The Omen) while some suffer from a supernatural affliction that threatens to engulf everyone around them (The Exorcist). The uncanny appeal of a small hand gripping a butcher knife (Child’s Play) or a ghostly girl back from the grave for revenge (The Ring) has obsessed horror audiences for decades.

Nothing is more potent for fright fans than when innocence is corrupted or lost—and the underdeveloped brain of a child becomes a primal force of evil, blurring the line between victim and monster. Whether these fears of unhinged tykes stem from real-world fears about parenting, gender, and social responsibility, or folkloric myths passed down in different cultures, the appearance of pint-sized fiends in horror films evokes the darkness of a juvenile psyche that remains mysterious.… Read the rest

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The New Testament of the Satanic Bible?

Screen Shot 2015-10-14 at 11.05.54 PM

There are a lot of people carrying the Satanic torch these days. At the top of the list there is the ever popular Church of Satan and the The Satanic Temple. But there are others out there waving the Satanic flag. Who would write a book entitled The Satanic Bible The New Testament Book One? Apparently the answer to this question is Ivan D’Amico.

You say that your book “picks up where the Church of Satan founder and author of The Satanic Bible Anton Lavey left off.” What do you mean by this?

When someone passes away, if they are leaving behind a work unfinished, it is either directly or indirectly implied if they would like others to continue their work. LaVey stated quite clearly, “The first hundred years of a new religion are the hardest,” and he wanted to pass the torch along to Boyd Rice as the leader of the Church of Satan, who, according to what I have read, turned it down.… Read the rest

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Don Juan Was a Lie, But What Did Carlos Castaneda Have to do With 4 Missing Women?

greetings from hieronymus bosch
Carlos Castaneda died almost 20 years ago. At the time he was ridiculously famous. Back in the day followers of Castaneda were everywhere. His books, including The Teachings of Don Juan sold millions and millions of copies. While back then he was considered a spiritual guru, now many consider him a fraud and con man.

At the time of his death Castaneda was living with 5 women. All of them vanished. While the bones of one woman was found in Death Valley, the other 4 women are still missing.

I talked to Robert Marshall, who has investigated Castaneda and the case of the missing women.

When did Castaneda and his work become an interest to you?

In 2006, I published a novel entitled A Separate Reality. It’s about a New Age crisis of faith. I was interested in the impact of philosophies that advocate the erasure of the ego as a path toward enlightenment on those whose egos are already pretty tenuous – particularly young queer people.… Read the rest

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Sarah Silverman: Anger Over “Political Correctness” is a Sign of “Being Old”

“To a degree, everyone’s going to be offended by something,” Silverman said in an interview with Vanity Fair’s Krista Smith. “So you can’t just decide on your material based on not offending anyone. But, I do think it’s important, as a comedian, as a human, to change with the times. I think it’s a sign of being old if you’re put off by that.”

h/t AlterNet.

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Progress and Humanism Have Lost Its Power, and Out of the Wilderness Comes Wildism


“Wildism is, put simply, the idea that wild Nature matters, and that anything that works against it should be discarded.”

Widlists believe that the autonomy of the Wild is the most important thing — above all others. They also consider all forms of civilized society as unavoidably contrary to this principle and therefore bad. They consider techno-industrial society especially harmful.

John Jacobi, who is co-founder and editor of The Wildernist was kind enough to speak to me about Wildism, the Unabomber, and how hunting and gathering is where it’s at.

Can you tell me a little more about the Wildist Network and how it started?

For a while now several groups of people who truly love wild Nature have been involved in all sorts of necessary discussions about what is to be done in the midst of this industrial disaster. But a lot of those discussions were private, and the public ones were on Spanish-language blogs, meaning large portions of the world knew little or nothing about them.… Read the rest

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