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From Twin Peaks to GMOs: An Interview with Artist Jordan Hourie



I had the pleasure of interviewing Jordan Hourie, a 21-year-old illustration student at the Savannah College of Art and Design. I first came across her work on the Twin Peaks subreddit, where she shared a piece of fan art. After perusing her website, I decided to ask her for an interview.

MG: So why don’t you tell me a little bit of your background to get started. How did you get started with digital painting? What has your progression been?

Well I came to university and didn’t really know what I wanted to do. I tried doing sequential art (comic books) but it turns out that I like reading them a lot more than making them. I ended up in the illustration department because I knew I wanted to draw. The major was vague enough for me to feel comfortable figuring out what I wanted to do. I had never drawn or painted digitally before last fall which is when I took an electronic art class.… Read the rest

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Entheodelic Storytelling: A Conversation with Gabriel D. Roberts

Quest For GnosisPAPERI recently had the distinct pleasure of catching up with my good friend Gabriel D. Roberts, author of The Quest for Gnosis. He is making his first foray into fiction very soon with a new book called The Hermit.


BR: Gabe, one of the things I like so much about the way you deliver ideas is that it is both honest and raw while also “getting to the heart of things” in a very rapid manner. What were some of the initial things that inspired The Quest for Gnosis?

I wanted to make a fast track for the serious seeker who was tired of the dogmatic mire of big religion and I knew that I alone would fall short of delivering such a tome. It made sense to employ the minds of those very people who shaped and influenced my perspectives. This is a refinement of my own journey that I hope will make it easier for the neophyte to grow.… Read the rest

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David Cronenberg: ‘My imagination is not a place of horror’

David Cronenberg, Genie Awards 2012 by Alan Langford via Flickr. (CC by 2.0)

David Cronenberg, Genie Awards 2012 by Alan Langford via Flickr. (CC by 2.0)

Cronenberg compares himself to Gergor Samsa? I like him even more.

via The Guardian (Follow the link to read the entire interview):

When the great Canadian film-maker David Cronenberg turned 70 last year he felt, in a word, old. An admirer of Franz Kafka, he said he found himself comparing himself to Gregor Samsa, the protagonist of The Metamorphosis, who wakes up one morning to find – very Cronenbergian – that he’s become a giant beetle.

“You are a new creature,” Cronenberg explains. “Ask anybody who is not advanced in years what they think of 70-year-olds – if they think of them at all – and it’s Alzheimer’s, senile old people and Zimmer frames. Just, ‘Wow, what a burden on the healthcare system.’ Three score and ten, that’s supposed to be it, that’s the biblical age. So there are precedents for considering 70 to be a major moment in your life.”

Once he had come to terms with the shock, though, Cronenberg returned to his work with renewed vigour.

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Interview: John Waters on his “exploitation films for art theaters”

Waters at Pen America/Free Expression Literature, May 2014. © Ed Lederman/PEN American Center via Wikimedia Commons

Waters at Pen America/Free Expression Literature, May 2014.
© Ed Lederman/PEN American Center via Wikimedia Commons

The Film Society of Lincoln Center in New York City is hosting a retrospective of John Waters’ films beginning this week. They are also showcasing “John Waters Presents: ‘Movies I’m Jealous I Didn’t Make‘”:

Here they are—eight extreme, astoundingly perverse, darkly funny, and, most importantly, supremely surprising films that turn me green with envy. Every day I feel inadequate thinking of these fanatically obsessive, ludicrously sexual, unfathomably criminal, melodramatically misguided cinematic gems. Why oh why can’t I make films like these—ones that jolted me out of all cinematic lethargy? Exploitation, art, horror? There’s no such thing as genre when you’ve slipped to the other side of cinema-sanity. See for yourself the movies that drove me beyond the pale of normal movie madness. Jealousy over other directors’ careers is a terrible thing to waste. — John Waters

The series includes CrashFinal DestinationBefore I ForgetKiller JoeThe MotherNight GamesOf Unknown Origin, and Thérèse.… Read the rest

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An Interview with Haruki Murakami

bc_murakamiThe Wind-Up Bird Chronicle is one of my favorite books, so when I saw this interview posted on Reddit, I decided to share it with the Disinfo community. Enjoy!

via The Guardian (please follow the link to read the entire interview, I just pulled snippets):

3. “I love ironing. And I do my wife’s too!”

Murakami explained that a lot of the recurring themes in his books are from his own life – his cats, his cooking, his music and his obsessions. Continuing with his writing process, here’s his comment on why he creates many different storylines in one book:

When I write a novel, it takes one or two years – and I write day after day … I get tired! I have to open up the window to get fresh air. I write another line of the story to get entertained – I hope the readers will be entertained as well!

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Does Russell Brand Believe in More or Less Government

In this video Luke Rudkowski talks to Russell Brand to grasp his understanding and beliefs when it comes to government. Since Brand has made previous contradictory statements on both big and small government, we found it important to understand what he truly believes. We were able to get the first 3 questions in to Brand and the rest where from other journalists at the #nomoreausterity protest that brought out 50,000 people.

Via We Are Change

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RWYASN Interviews Crispin Glover

Right Where You Are Sitting Now managed to snag an interview with intense – and intensely weird – character actor/writer/artist Crispin Hellion Glover. I’ve always wanted to chat with Glover, but have never been able to make it happen. He’s a fascinating guy. Nice get, fellas.

Download the MP3 here or listen to the interview over at the site.

Crispin Glover’s cat can eat a whole watermelon.

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Interview With Adult Swim Creative Director Jason DeMarco On Use of Illuminati Symbolism In Programming Block And More

PIC: Adult Swim/Cartoon Network/TBS (C) - fair use for purposes of story.

PIC: Adult Swim/Cartoon Network/TBS (C) – fair use for purposes of story.

If you’re a fan of the Turner Broadcast System-owned Cartoon Network’s adult-oriented evening programming block ‘Adult Swim’ then you might have noticed that images associated with secret societies pop up fairly regularly in the interstitial segments between the shows and cartoons: Owls, eyes in pyramids, hands shaking in a manner strikingly similar to the Freemason’s “apprentice grip”, and much more. Having been curious about these elements for years, I reached out to the Cartoon Network publicity team, who put me in touch with Jason DeMarco, VP of on-air and creative director for Adult Swim. We discussed the strange symbols, the creative process that goes into producing the bumps, and who they enjoy working with when it comes to video, music and more.

Note: The owl costumes were created by Ash Zelly, a very talented artist. Check out Ash’s site here for more cool stuff.… Read the rest

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