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First Grey Wolf Spotted In Iowa In Almost A Century Promptly Shot And Killed

Photo: Daniel Mott (CC)

Photo: Daniel Mott (CC)

Is it unusual for healthy female wolves to wander alone like this? Could there be others? Did the shooter use a suppressor?

DNA testing has confirmed that an animal shot in February in Iowa’s Buchanan County was in fact a wolf, according to the Iowa Department of Natural Resources. This is the first confirmed grey wolf (Canis lupus) in the US state since 1925.

Experts believe the wolf likely travelled south from Wisconsin or Minnesota, the latter of which has the largest wolf population in the lower 48.

The Iowa wolf, which was a 65-70 pound healthy female, was shot and killed in February of this year by a hunter who mistook it for a coyote. Although wolves remain a protected species in Iowa, the hunter was not cited, because he believed the animal to be a coyote and has cooperated with authorities, including bringing the wolf to them in the first place.

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Iowa Vote Fraud Official

Jeffrey Phelps writes for the Denver Conspiracy Examiner:

It’s official, or is it? Once again the establishment is showing it’s cards in an obvious attempt to defraud Ron Paul from the nomination, as Iowa GOP ‘officials’ purposely disrupt and permanently invalidate the 2012 Iowa Caucus.


The official Caucus website, in conjunction with the Des Moines Register, had to come forward Thursday to claim the official results can “never be certified” after 8 different precincts turn up invalid results due to “missing votes” and changing stories.

For the first time in history, the Iowa GOP decided to change the final vote count to a “Secret location” for what was claimed to be “security concerns.” The unprecedented change in venue came as a shock to most Iowans who are used to seeing the final results tallied at State Party Headquarters in Des Moines, in full view of the public.

This time, however, instead of business as usual, all of the final results were to be counted at an undisclosed location, completely hidden from public scrutiny, the seemingly ‘new’ business as usual.

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State Rep Threatens Occupy Iowans With ‘Thump Therapy’

238px-Iowa-StateSealGreat, a new fascist buzzword to rally around.  Politico reports:

Republicans across Iowa are bracing for trouble on Tuesday, concerned that caucus sites will be the next stop for the Occupy protesters who’ve staged demonstrations and disruptions at election events across the state.

Occupy leaders say they’re not planning to interfere with the voting, though they expect actions leading up the vote at candidates’ headquarters and afterward at victory parties. But even if 99 percent of the 99 percenters comply, the prospect of scattered protesters inciting confrontations with Republican voters has people from both camps on edge.

“Tempers can flare, and people can start to get out of control,” said Jack Whitver, a state senator and precinct captain for one of the larger caucus sites, just outside of Des Moines. “With a crowd of over 700 people, you just want to keep everything under control and make sure that something ugly doesn’t happen.”

Whitver promised a polite response to those who might try to chant or stage other disruptions at his caucus site – but that’s not a unanimous position.

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‘Coffins’ Built to Scare Crows

DSC_6947a800What’s the best way to get rid of crows? Build them a coffin. It seems scarecrows aren’t enough anymore, now the birds need to be reminded or their mortality to be scared off. The Connecticut Post reports:

The crows are back in Cedar Rapids.

Thousands have been congregating at night in Green Square Park downtown. They’ve been roosting in park trees for years in winter, leaving their droppings underneath. The birds are believed to be attracted by a relatively warm downtown microclimate.

The Gazette of Cedar Rapids says the city is preparing its usual — and unusual — arsenal to fight back: “crow coffins.”

The oddly devised scarecrows were invented by veterinarian Russell Anthony in 2006. City officials say the crow coffins are the only thing that’s frightened away the birds.

The coffins are two dead crows attached to boards that are placed in the park’s trees, 10-15 feet below the treetops.

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