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Israel’s Ban of the iPad Flaps On

I wonder if we’ll ever know the real deal here. It’s hard to imagine security concerns are not involved, especially if there’s a chance of interfering with the army’s communication frequencies. But in the interest of commerce, I think something will be worked out. Batsheva Sobelman writes on the LA Times’ Babylon & Beyond:
No iPads!

Israel’s Ministry of Communications has banned import of iPads on the grounds that they are not compatible with the country’s Wi-Fi standards. The device isn’t sold in Israel commercially yet.

Few were aware of any problem until the media reported that iPads were being held up at customs at the instruction of the Ministry of Communications until they were declared compatible with Israeli standards. Until the tablets are officially commercially imported, Israeli officials say, responsibility for ensuring that personally imported items of any kind are compatible with Israeli standards resides with customers, who wouldn’t, for example, bring home a British right-hand-drive car for use on Israel’s lefty roads.

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iPad Is a Major Success … Being Destroyed On YouTube

As CNN's SciTech Blog points out, the iPad is a big hit in a blender:
The Web's latest viral video hit comes from the popular online series called "Will it Blend?"
The premise of the show is simple. A guy in glasses and a lab coat (who just so happens to be the founder of a blender company) puts stuff in a kitchen blender and then declares the objects blendable or not.
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Why The iPad Must Be Hacked: To Prevent Crap Futurism

Crap FuturismAfter reading Gizmodo's "8 Things That Suck About the iPad" and seeing this image illustrating that article for me, I really though the iPad was nothing more than a bulky, expensive iPhone. But there is one difference, it's not a phone — something that you want to be totally reliable (work all the time). While many people jailbreak their iPhone to provide greater control over what you can do with it, I have been resistant to due to concern I might screw it up. But after reading Annalee Newitz's io9.com article about the iPad I realize the iPad is a device that you buy to hack. Not only that, it must be hacked. She makes the excellent point that Apple's latest "must-have" device is nothing like a computer, it's more like a television:
Apple is marketing the iPad as a computer, when really it's nothing more than a media-consumption device — a convergence television, if you will. Think of it this way: One of the fundamental attributes of computers is that they are interactive and reconfigurable. You can change the way a computer behaves at a very deep level. Interactivity on the iPad consists of touching icons on the screen to change which application you're using. Hardly more interactive than changing channels on a TV. Sure, you can compose a short email or text message; you can use the Brushes app to draw a sketch. But those activities are not the same thing as programming the device to do something new. Unlike a computer, the iPad is simply not reconfigurable.
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