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Americans Love Torture and the Idea of Nuclear War Because the TV Tells Them To

Picture: wizardryo (PD)

James writes at My Bloggity Blog:

In a shocking new poll it was revealed that American’s are more like 24’s Jack Bauer than ever before in their mindset about torture and ways to eliminate terrorists. This poll which was conducted for Foreign Policy revealed that American’s are much more in favor of torture and specific torture methods than they were during the Bush administration which put nearly all of these measures into place and when these torture methods were legal. The kicker is that American’s are also increasingly more in favor of using nuclear weapons to eradicate terrorists regardless of the harmful effects to the environment. It should also be noted that most terrorists don’t even congregate in large enough numbers to justify even a 2,000lb bomb never mind a nuclear bomb.

A quarter of all Americans are willing to use nuclear weapons to kill terrorists.

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Kiefer Sutherland & ’24’ Are Back (New Season 8 Video Promos)

Well we've had a change in the occupancy of the White House since the last season of the TV drama '24' was filmed, but Jack Bauer & friends are still trying to make America a safe place for "the ends justify the means"-style War on Terror tactics, as popularized by Rumsfeld, Cheney and their neo-con friends in the Bush administration. Just leaked, the latest promos for Season 8, coming in January 2010, show it's business as usual for Mr. Bauer:
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