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‘Do Not Track Me Online’ Privacy Bill Introduced

Photo: Nokia Releases (CC)

Photo: Nokia Releases (CC)

Tired of spam e-mails and unwanted pop-ups? This bill will create regulations as to how marketers obtain information about you without your knowledge. The bill still allows web users the option to be tracked by advertisers, just in case you enjoy having marketing companies target you.  Los Angeles Times reports:

The first “do not track” legislation was introduced in Congress on Friday, raising the possibility that Web users will be able to prevent advertisers from recording their online behavior for marketing purposes, similar to the Do Not Call Registry created in 2003.

The bill, called the “Do Not Track Me Online Act of 2011,” would give the Federal Trade Commission the right to create regulations that would force online marketers to respect the wishes of users who did not want to be tracked.

“Failure to do so would be considered an unfair or deceptive act punishable by law,” noted a statement from the office of Rep.

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