Jared Loughner

Ryan Hurd recounts a strange tale of lucid dreaming and mass murder, at Reality Sandwich: I got the weirdest phone call last week. The editor of Gawker, A.J. Daulerio, contacted me, requesting…

Sarah Palin has posted a video statement about the shootings in Arizona by Jared Loughner, entitled “America’s Enduring Strength,” on her new Vimeo Channel. She accuses journalists of a “Blood Libel” against her, calling it “reprehensible”:

[UPDATE from disinfo ed.: Presumably realizing how awful she sounds, Mrs. Palin has since made the Vimeo stream “private” so we have replaced it with a YouTube stream, but don’t be surprised if she has it taken down.]

Loughner MugshotI am sure this post will spark, the perennial “Guns Kill People” Vs. “People Kill People” debate we have in the United States, and my interest is to further the discourse, not draw an opinion in this debate as related to what happened in Tucson yet. Here are some things I’ve noticed reported by the media:

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