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New Age Mafia Rivalry Causes Deaths?

Long time visitors to this site will know that Jaye Beldo has been a contributor and friend for many years. These days he runs lavacocktail.com and is reporting a bizarre story about one of the stars of the movie/book phenomenon The Secret (for more on that check out the disinformation book Beyond The Secret):

A new mafia rivalry may be to blame for a couple of sketchy, sweaty deaths.

Two people recently died at a “sweat lodge” retreat in Arizona hosted by New Age author James Arthur Ray. He charged $9,000 a head to stuff 64 people into a tiny, sauna-like room covered in tarps and blankets, promising they’d be spiritually cleansed by the ritual.

Two people died and many suffered oxygen deprivation, but visionary Jaye Beldo thinks a curse may be partly to blame.

In addition to Ray’s own negligence, Beldo believes the retreat was sabotaged by a rival “New Age mafia” that’s jealous of Ray’s success.

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