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The Culture of Contact on the Black Fridays

The Black Fridays Bonus Episode 28 — Jeremy Vaeni

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Jeremy Vaeni joins Stacy from The Black Fridays to discuss religion, consciousness, and self.

In part 2 of Stacy’s series looking at religions and faiths of all types, he explores Jeremy’s experiences and how they have helped formed his world view.

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The Black Fridays Meet Paratopia’s Jeremy Vaeni

The Black Fridays Episode 19 — Jeremy Vaeni

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The Black Fridays welcome Jeremy Vaeni to the show! As the host of Culture of Contact and the Co-Host of Paratopia, Jeremy has been on the scene for quite a while, and we tap his knowledge-base of the esoteric for information on the state of ufology, the paranormal in general, his experiences and then he gets to turn the microphone on Stacy for an interesting conversation about religion.

We thank Jeremy for his time, and look forward to working with him again in the future! Enjoy…

Jeremy can be found at Paratopia!

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