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If You Are Poor, It’s Because God Hates Your Guts

God & Money[Site editor’s note: The following is an excerpt from the new Disinformation title 50 Things You’re Not Supposed To Know: Religion, authored by Daniele Bolelli.]

The history of Christianity is like a treasure chest for anyone who is fond of contradictions. The Gospels bicker with each other by relating similar tales in very different ways. But even more obviously, Christianity has often so dramatically departed from the words attributed to Jesus as to make you wonder how these glaring contradictions can be justified. Jesus tells you to “Love your enemies” and “Turn the other cheek”? So let’s show how much we love Jesus by waging crusades, inquisitions, witch-hunts, and brutal campaigns of repression against anyone who doesn’t love Him as much as we do. Jesus’s pacifism has drowned in the hyper-violence that has characterized much of Christian history.

But—we may object—most Christians alive today seem to have lost the bloodthirsty enthusiasm of their ancestors, and are no longer inclined to exterminate non-Christians.… Read the rest

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Cartoon Jesus Destroys The World

A vintage film clip depicting the son of God's vengeful return to Earth for Armageddon, during which he will smash cars, blow up buildings, and smite non-believers harshly and painfully. Seeing one of the bible's most central predictions in animated form, one realizes that Jesus is essentially the American Godzilla:
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Jesus Was A Mushroom

This must have been a mind-bending moment for many viewers. Ancient texts scholar and The Sacred Mushroom and the Cross author John Allegro informs the public know that, Jesus was, in fact, a mushroom. Why don't I learn facts like this from television today?
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Christ as Consciousness

MD-15 Before a person receives Consciousness they’re just another animal — albeit a sophisticated one. We tacitly assume everyone has Consciousness because people can walk upright, carry on in conversation and generally act civil. However, some people are merely domesticated primates — they only have a highly developed brain supplemented by a complex language system. But you can teach a chimp one of our languages; doesn’t mean they have Consciousness.

This new paradigm, this new consensus that Christ is our personal Consciousness — is key to lifting the veil of ignorance that has kept us in fear of each other. Incidentally, Apocalypse literally means, ‘lifting the veil.‘ This revelation of God within us will unite us on higher mental levels causing, by reflex action, peace on earth.

The original purpose of government and religion was to create in a world where they were no longer needed. They taught us the proper ways to act towards one another: Thou shalt not kill, steal or lie; thou shalt love thy neighbor as theyself.… Read the rest

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Inside Australia’s Reincarnated Jesus Cult

Alan Miller is an affable young Aussie who claims to be Jesus Christ returned to Earth. (And his girlfriend says she's Mary Magdalene to boot.) Miller has amassed several dozen worshipers, "television soap stars" among them, who have moved onto his sixteen-acre woodland compound in Queensland to be closer to their prophet. Being the son of God, he naturally has some entertaining life stories up his sleeve, including the time he gave relationship advice to Gandhi (in heaven). Add in a George Harrison hairdo, and you can see the appeal:
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Jesus Appears On Walmart Receipt In South Carolina

OriginalThis is basically the essence of United States encapsulated in a single news story. CBS 21 reports:

An engaged couple in Anderson County says a shadowy image that turned up on a receipt from Walmart looks like the face of Jesus.

Jacob Simmons and his fiancee, Gentry Lee Sutherland, said they bought some pictures from Walmart on June 12. The following Wednesday, the couple had just come home from a church service when Simmons spotted the receipt on the floor of Sutherland’s apartment. He says the receipt had changed. “I was leaving the kitchen and I just looked on the floor, and it was like it was looking at me,” Simmons said.

A dark gray mark on the receipt seems to show two eyes, a nose and a mouth in a thickly bearded face. “Then the more you look at it, the more it looked like Jesus, and it was just shocking, breathtaking,” Simmons said.

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Jesus Christ is the Greatest Hippie (Rock Star) of Them All (Video)

Quick response to this story, Jesus is actually our greatest "rock star"/"hippie"/countercultural figure of them all (according to this musical), but there is a lot of debate here which I welcome based on the post below. Catholic Church, in my humble opinion, you f-ed up, but I ain't the Pope. BTW, if you could bring Carl Anderson back from the dead to play Judas, I would go every week to church again. This man is awesome:
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Florida Man Angers His Church By Asking Them to Pray for Soul of Osama Bin Laden (Video)

Even Jesus Hates YouBrian Hamacher reports for NBC Miami:
The South Florida man whose prayer for Osama bin Laden caused a holy mess at mass this past Sunday is speaking out to defend the bizarre benediction. Henry Borga paid $10 to put bin Laden's name on the prayer list at Holy Name of Jesus Catholic Church in West Palm Beach over the weekend, according to WPTV. The name appeared with four others under the mass intentions section in the church's pamphlet, with a cross next to bin Laden's name. While putting the name on the list has caused quite a hubbub, Borga, who said he also prayed for the victims of 9/11, said it was about mercy. "He was a very bad man but he deserved to be punished in life, not by losing his life," Borga said. "He needs forgiveness and compassion from God."
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James Frey’s Final Testament Of The Holy Bible

VICE invites in Oprah's favorite author James Frey to talk about his new book (The Final Testament of the Holy Bible). It features a modern-day Messiah who advocates sex with men and women, drugs, and doing whatever makes one happy. The interview includes cranks calls, ideas on the end of the world, the cowardly publishing industry and how Frey is bypassing it, art, and the last time he prayed:
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