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Segway Tycoon Dies In Segway Accident

Let’s overlook the irony that the man who owned the Segway scooter business, Jimi Heselden, has died in a Segway accident. However, there has been some speculation that it was not an accident.  While the police suspect no foul play, the lesson to be learned here is that Segways are not for off-roading. The Independent reports:

A millionaire businessman who died when a Segway scooter built by his own company plunged over a cliff and into a river was a “much-loved father and husband”, his family said today.

Jimi Heselden, 62, was found in the River Wharfe at Boston Spa, near Wetherby, yesterday morning and died at the scene.

It appeared Mr Heselden, whose company builds and markets the Segway upright scooter, accidentally drove over a cliff into the river. It is understood one of the machines was found nearby.

Members of his family, many of whom paid an emotional visit to the scene of the accident this afternoon, described their grief at Mr Heselden’s death.

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