Jimmy McMillan

Do you remember Jimmy McMillan who famously ran for New York City Mayor with the slogan “The Rent Is Too Damn High!”? (Check out the movie DAMN!) New Media Rockstars reports that…

If you are driving, you shouldn’t be reading this. Here is Big Jim on Gasoline Is Too Damn High:

Gasoline is skyrocketing past $4 a gallon and Jimmy McMillan is outraged. How are Americans supposed to afford their rent if they can’t afford the gasoline to get to work? Watch Jimmy send a powerful message to the White House: GASOLINE IS TOO DAMN HIGH!

The filmmakers of Damn!, the Jimmy McMillan movie, stopped by the disinformation offices this week to screen some of their footage. We’re believers, and so is Movieline:

Remember Jimmy McMillan? Of course you do! The New York state gubernatorial candidate from “The Rent is Too Damn High” party was all the rage back in late October, when his crazy debate antics led to viral videos, Saturday Night Live impersonations and the other accouterments that come with 15 minutes of fame. Like a documentary.

That’s right: McMillan and his aggressive facial hair are probably coming to a content delivery system near you. Thanks to 91 intrepid investors, filmmakers Aaron Fisher-Cohen and Kristian Almgren received just enough funding…

Candidate Jimmy McMillan, known for his slogan “The rent is too damn high,” has released his record The Rent Is Too Damn High this Tuesday to coincide with election day. The album is available for download on iTunes and other sites. Here is a preview of what to expect from candidate McMillan: