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Occult Yorkshire: Fabian Family Secrets, Sebastian Horsley, & Cultural Engineering in the UK

Sebastian Skull

My brother, self-proclaimed “dandy in the underworld” Sebastian Horsley, was an artist most celebrated for his potentially (and in the end actually) self-destructive pursuits. A recent Time Out article listed him as one of London’s top ten drug-users; another 2014 piece about the Hollywood actor Shia LaBeouf wrote that my brother “convincingly made his own fatal self-destruction a work of art.” That sentence speaks volumes. Who exactly did my brother’s artistic self-destruction convince, and of what? That suicide is a worthy artistic pursuit? Or that artistic expression (or fame) is worth destroying oneself for? What sort of legacy does such a “work of art” leave? How can someone compulsively driven to destroy themselves be turned into a cause for celebration?

I am one of two people still living with close inside knowledge of the forces that drove my brother to self-destruct. As such, one thing is painfully clear to me: whatever “message” my brother conveyed, via his life and death, it is not a true message but a fiction: a cover story that covers a legion of sins.… Read the rest

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Emerging victim testimonies of child abuse by British MPs

There have been many allegations of child abuse made over the past couple of years against various members of parliament and prominent media figures in Britain. But the media coverage has been minimal. Perhaps their silence is due to big media and the government being potentially implicated in this long running cover up.

Since the iconic British celebrity Jimmy Savile was posthumously uncovered as being a serial pedophile, necrophile and procurer of children in 2013, there have been more and more victims coming out about abuse in the 70s and 80s by figures of power both in politics and the media in Britain. It’s likely that the victims hadn’t spoken up until recently because they were put under the impression that nobody would believe them — they also feared for their and their families’ safety.

From this video you can see that Jimmy’s sexual appetite was common knowledge to anybody in the know.Read the rest

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Did David Icke Call Out the British Establishment’s Pedophile Jimmy Savile?

Picture: Sharf (CC)

David Icke plays Wembley Arena this weekend. It’s much bigger than his usual venue, the more modest Brixton Academy which has a maximum seated capacity of 2,391. This year Icke has gambled on an additional ten thousand people turning up. Tickets are still on sale at around £50 and it will be interesting to see how well attended his latest nine hour marathon is. Particularly given the way in which major news events have recently tended to favour his world view.

Disinfonauts are likely to be familiar with Icke’s story. He first became famous in the UK as a TV sports personality for the BBC. He then went through some sort of ‘nervous breakdown’ or ‘spiritual awakening’ and appeared on television in 1992 to be ridiculed without mercy. His subsequent writing and speaking career has gathered a considerable worldwide following over the years. That said his worldview has also shifted and evolved away from the shambolic TV appearances of 1992.… Read the rest

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