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John A. Keel’s UFO Dictionary

Fortean Doug Skinner’s (my interview here) one-man effort to preserve the archives of the late paranormal researcher John A. Keel has been nothing short of heroic. Skinner, a personal friend of Keel’s, inherited the writer’s notes and news clippings, and has been quietly scanning and posting them all at www.JohnKeel.com for three years now. His latest update includes an excerpt from Keel’s UFO Dictionary, an eclectic mix of neologisms, slang, paranormal language and repurposed words from fields like psychiatry and medicine.

My favorite from the excerpts thus far provided by Skinner:

“Skeptic: One who has not seen a UFO.”

Keel’s contributions to Forteana loom even now. Like Jacques Vallee, Keel eventually came to the conclusion that sightings of cryptids, UFOs and various folkloric characters like elves and demons were actually caused by “ultraterrestrials”: a hidden species that shares some aspect of the world with humanity. Call it a Universal Field Theory of the Weird, if you like.… Read the rest

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Paranormal Pioneer John Keel With Doug Skinner on The Disinfocast with Matt Staggs

Mothman Prophecies

Remembering Paranormal Pioneer John Keel With Doug Skinner | The Disinfocast with Matt Staggs: Episode 04

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In this episode of The Disinfocast, we discuss the late John Alva Keel. He is best remembered as the author of The Mothman Prophecies, a classic work of Fortean reportage. The book painted an eery portrait of a tiny town besieged by inexplicable incidents: sightings of a moth-like creature with glowing red eyes, strange lights in the sky and midnight visits from men in black. Keel began his investigation as an outsider, but was soon drawn into the dark orbit of the mothman. Keel achieved some amount of public recognition when his book became the basis of a 2002 movie of the same name starring Richard Gere, but the public at large had no idea that Keel’s encounter with the mothman was only one small part of an incredibly strange, adventurous life. Keel, a veteran writer of the weird, was well-known within the ranks of forteana for his writings on UFOs, conspiracies and strange mysteries discovered in the furthest corners of the globe. Keel’s later years were tough ones. As he grew older, his career suffered. So did his health. Thankfully, he was not completely alone. A small circle of friends and admirers stood by his side. One of them was Fortean writer and professional composer Doug Skinner. Skinner, a close friend of Keel’s, is here to talk with us on the latest episode of The Disinformation Company's official podcast, The DisinfoCast.
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