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Joel’s Army and Omnicide in the Name of God

Joel's ArmyIf you’ve never heard of omnicide this article on Daily Kos from a few years back is helpful:

Yesterday, we revealed that John Hagee’s church is confirmedly within the “Joel’s Army” movement — a group of the “most extreme of the extreme” of neopentecostal dominionists, who believe they are part of a “third pentecost” designed to raise a group of divine ubermenschen to “name and claim” the world for their theology.

One of the parts of their theology that is very rarely discussed — save by a few of us researchers — is that they are one of the very few groups on the planet to literally have a theological mandate for not only genocide but near omnicide — both pre- and post-Tribulation. Combined with the known use of coercive tactics and the decidedly unique interpretations of Biblical verses that claim they’re part of an end-time army of “God Warriors “… it’s not exaggeration to state this is a potential threat to humanity.

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