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Newton’s Third Law – The Coming Collision

by Ken Vallario

The Singularity by Ken Vallario.

“To every action there is always an equal and opposite reaction: or the forces of two bodies on each other are always equal and are directed in opposite directions.”

In watching the coming collision collision between one individual and the world’s mightiest government, we are about to see if these forces are in fact equal, or if these laws will soon be broken.

The Good News

In the light of the latest Wikileaks events I have been thinking very deeply about citizen empowerment and how technology enabled a small group of people to threaten the legitimacy of the most powerful government the world has ever known. And surprisingly that same government has yet to find a legitimately effective response against this very big pie in their very large collective face.

As many of us have done, I have attempted to fill this void with my own speculations about the retaliatory use of power and how it might subsequently threaten future freedoms, but to my surprise I am left with no other recourse than optimism simply because the technology seems finally to be on our side.… Read the rest

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Michael Moore: Why I’m Posting Bail Money for Julian Assange

Moore / AssangeMichael Moore writes on his blog:

Yesterday, in the Westminster Magistrates Court in London, the lawyers for WikiLeaks co-founder Julian Assange presented to the judge a document from me stating that I have put up $20,000 of my own money to help bail Mr. Assange out of jail.

Furthermore, I am publicly offering the assistance of my website, my servers, my domain names and anything else I can do to keep WikiLeaks alive and thriving as it continues its work to expose the crimes that were concocted in secret and carried out in our name and with our tax dollars.

We were taken to war in Iraq on a lie. Hundreds of thousands are now dead. Just imagine if the men who planned this war crime back in 2002 had had a WikiLeaks to deal with. They might not have been able to pull it off. The only reason they thought they could get away with it was because they had a guaranteed cloak of secrecy.

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WikiRebels: The WikiLeaks Documentary (Video)

Could Swedish public service TV network SVT's new documentary film about Julian Assange and WikiLeaks have been released at a more timely moment? It's bang up to date and for anyone intrigued by Assange and co., essential viewing. Thanks to tipster Ken V, who correctly describes the film as "thorough and very informative."
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Going Rogue: What Happens Next to Julian Assange and WikiLeaks?

WikiLeaksVia the First Church of Mutterhals:

Just a short time ago many Americans had never heard of Julian Assange or Wikileaks. It’s understandable, this past summer was action packed with quality TV programming and most of us can’t be bothered to pay attention foreign goings on. But now you literally cannot flee news of Assange, a man who is quickly becoming a modern day folk hero for the disenfranchised and fed up.

While liberals argue whether or not Assange is a rapist and conservatives call for his head, the rest of us marvel that someone finally stood up and did something about the shitty state of the world that didn’t involve complaining about injustice on a blog or staging a meaningless protest only serving to garner the organizer some much needed attention. People like Assange and Bradley Manning and those involved in hacking Wikileaks opponents are heroes in the truest sense of the word; despite the very dire consequences they face for their actions they forge ahead, because it’s the right thing to do.… Read the rest

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Truth Is Contagious: WikiLeaks Copycat in Russia


Rospil.info, the Russian whistleblowing site

It seems that the phenomenon of WikiLeaks is spreading to other countries, and inspiring digital denizons to take on corruption elsewhere. The newest example of this is a Russian political activitst named Alexei Navalny, who is crusading against the rampant corruption that has infected the center of the former Soviet Union. Tired of the Russian oligarchy, mobsters, and generally getting ripped off at every turn, this guy is quite popular with regular folks.

Personally, I’m hoping his actions spawn a counterpart in China next.

This recent development also speaks to the incorrect nature of a central assumption which has been made about this sort of thing by the mainstream old-school press, who still don’t understand “the interwebs”. Borders don’t matter anymore, and shutting down free speech isn’t as easy as eliminating one person anymore. The power of the web is it’s very distributed, decentralized nature. And some people still have to learn that you can either adapt to that reality, or be crushed by it.… Read the rest

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WikiLeaks Latest: Nobel Peace Prize For Assange? Social Networks Go Hostile

Wikileaks_logoThe single biggest story everywhere is the incredible saga surrounding WikiLeaks and larger than life leader Julian Assange, now languishing in a British jail. Among today’s headlines:

I want you to know, I am not defending Assange. I think he is a dirt bag. I think he is a dirt bag. He obviously has no problem using his 15 minutes of fame to sleep with anyone who is crawling.

But I have to tell you something, if you look at the people who are all lining up in defense of Julian Assange, and you see that these two are uber-leftists as well and you know the case that we have laid out over especially the last six months of bottom-up, top-down and inside-out, something is wrong.

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4Chan, Anonymous Wreak Revenge On MasterCard, PayPal, Banks

The Faces of Anonymous. Photo: Vincent Diamante (CC)

The Faces of Anonymous. Photo: Vincent Diamante (CC)

I’ve not thought too highly of the hordes at 4Chan until now, but Julian Assange needs some help and they’re doing what they do best, making massive coordinated attacks on Assange’s various foes, as reported by ArsTechnica (since that report was posted MasterCard has also come under attack):

The forces of Anonymous have taken aim at several companies who are refusing to do business with WikiLeaks. 4chan’s hordes have launched distributed denial-of-service attacks against PayPal, Swiss bank PostFinance, and other sites that have hindered the whistleblowing site’s operations.

A self-styled spokesman for the group calling himself “Coldblood” has said that any website that’s “bowing down to government pressure” is a target. PayPal ceased processing donations to the site, and PostFinance froze WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange’s account. The attacks are being performed under the Operation: Payback banner; Operation: Payback is the name the group is using in its long-running attacks on the RIAA, MPAA, and other organizations involved with anti-piracy lawsuits.

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WikiLeaks’ Julian Assange In Jail For Failure To Use Condom

SWITZERLAND-US-MILITARY-INTERNET-WIKILEAKS-ASSANGE130033--300x450I can’t imagine the late Swedish novelist Stieg Larsson would have dared have Lisbeth Salander kick a hornet’s nest as hard as Julian Assange has with his death-defying (so far) revelations of the U.S. government’s foreign “diplomacy.” Neither can I imagine Larsson coming up with such a ridiculous plot element as Assange’s arrest for failure to use a condom. This is definitely in the “truth is stranger than fiction” category, and it has captured the world’s attention just as The Millennium Trilogy did. The latest from the Guardian, which seems to have become the leading authority on all things WikiLeaks:

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange was today refused bail and remanded in custody until 14 December over claims he committed sex offences in Sweden.

Assange told City of Westminster magistrates court today that he intended to fight his extradition, setting up what could be a long legal battle.

The 39-year-old Australian turned himself in to Scotland Yard this morning to face a Swedish arrest warrant.

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Julian Assange To Release Files On Guantanamo And BP If Arrested

SWITZERLAND-US-MILITARY-INTERNET-WIKILEAKS-ASSANGE130033--300x450With half the world chasing after him, WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange tries to save himself by threatening to unlock an encrypted “doomsday file” of documents if detained. As reported by the New York Post (with readership seeming to favor Assange’s assassination):

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange has circulated across the internet an encrypted “poison pill” cache of uncensored documents suspected to include files on BP and Guantanamo Bay. One of the files identified this weekend by The (London) Sunday Times — called the “insurance” file — has been downloaded from the WikiLeaks website by tens of thousands of supporters, from America to Australia.

Assange warns that any government that tries to curtail his activities risks triggering a new deluge of state and commercial secrets.

The military papers on Guantanamo Bay, yet to be published, believed to have been supplied by Bradley Manning, who was arrested in May. Other documents that Assange is confirmed to possess include an aerial video of a US airstrike in Afghanistan that killed civilians, BP files and Bank of America documents.

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