Kanye West

disinformation reader Niall sent us a note saying:

Here’s an article I wrote about Kanye West’s latest video “Power” and how I think he is basically trolling the internets and conspiracy theorists with it. It’s from our music blog Shallow Rave — we don’t normally cover esoteric stuff, but it’s a personal interest of mine, and when the two subjects collide it’s too good an opportunity not to miss!

Here’s Kanye’s video and below the story from Shallow Rave:

So, have you sen the video for Kanye West’s “Power”? And did you notice all the occult symbolism there-in? Come on, let’s be honest here – you’d have to be a total fucking idiot not to.

I have commented on this kind of thing before (most notably Lady Gaga), but if you are new to the modern trend to read everything in pop music as being controlled by the Illuminati, then start here

So here’s the now infamous non-cover for Kanye West’s forthcoming album, “My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy,” which normally I wouldn’t consider newsworthy as it’s clearly just Kanye hyping the release, but it…