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NSA Director Stepping Down To Spend More Time With His Family, Or Your Emails

stormtroopersIn the heat of the “government re-opening” media extravaganza, an important story has slipped through many people’s radars: NSA Director Gen. Keith Alexander, as well as his top deputy, plan to depart the all-seeing agency in early 2014.

According to The Guardian, “Alexander, who was rocked by Edward Snowden’s revelations, has formalized plans to leave by next March or April, officials say.”

I just hope Snowden and Alexander, when all this is old news, can meet up for a beer in a country without any U.S. extradition agreements and let bygones be bygones. And maybe invite Glenn Greenwald out to take notes.

But then again, Alexander doesn’t actually have to retire, if he doesn’t want to – by my back of the napkin math, he is likely the most powerful man on Earth.

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Big Data Mining With NSA Director Keith Alexander

keith alexanderA snippet from a Foreign Policy piece on NSA chief Keith Alexander reveals the logic at play in our surveillance state:

“He said at one point that a lot of things aren’t clearly legal, but that doesn’t make them illegal,” says a former military intelligence officer who served under Alexander at INSCOM.

When he ran INSCOM, Alexander was fond of building charts that showed how a suspected terrorist was connected to a much broader network of people via his communications or the contacts in his phone or email account.

“He had all these diagrams showing how this guy was connected to that guy and to that guy,” says a former NSA official who heard Alexander give briefings on the floor of the Information Dominance Center. “Some of my colleagues and I were skeptical. Later, we had a chance to review the information. It turns out that all [that] those guys were connected to were pizza shops.”

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