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Jimmy Page’s Original Score for Kenneth Anger’s ‘Lucifer Rising’

via YouTube:

Jimmy Page first composed his original score for Kenneth Anger’s film ‘Lucifer Rising’ at his (then) residence, Boleskine House, in November 1973. The 24-minute piece was rejected by Anger and very soon achieved legendary status, with many poor quality vinyl bootlegs emerging during the rest of the decade and beyond.

In 1987, Page’s ‘Lucifer Rising’ soundtrack was released in 12-inch, blue vinyl format in a limited edition of 1000 numbered copies — apparently without either Page or Anger being consulted. The release was accompanied by a publicity flyer which attributed the project to “Boleskine House Records” under the supervision of one “Frater Zardoz”, aka: Chris Dietler, a member of the O.T.O. who (despite claiming to have permission/authorisation to launch the project) was subsequently expelled from the Crowley-based organization for his unauthorised actions.

In 2006, the original soundtracks to Kenneth Anger’s films were released in remastered form on a CD entitled: ‘Anger Rising’.

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Harmony Korine Interviews Kenneth Anger

Picture of Harmony Korine via Creative Commons.

Picture of Harmony Korine via Creative Commons.

Sorry about having two Harmony Korine posts in one day, but I couldn’t wait to share this one. In the interview, Kenneth Anger touches upon his beliefs in Thelema, his filmmaking style, the missing Malaysian plane, and more.

via Interview Magazine:

To describe Kenneth Anger as a “cult filmmaker” seems requisite but incomplete. The 87-year-old native Angeleno is indeed the writer and director of the surrealist shortsInauguration of the Pleasure Dome (1954-66), Scorpio Rising (1963), and Lucifer Rising (1970-81)—some of the wildest and most profoundly influential experimental films of the last century. But his salacious narrative history of the industry, Hollywood Babylon, originally published in 1960, is also kitsch-famous, a kind of gossip gospel in the land of holy celebrity. His film and video works are in the permanent collections of various museums of modern art. And he is also the most famous living practitioner of Thelema—the ritual-based doctrine dictated to Aleister Crowley by the spiritual messenger Aiwass.

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A Chaos Magick Film: “visitors (SUPERVISITORS)” (NSFW)

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Artist’s Statement:

Initially conceived as merely “cool shit for stoned people to look at while we play live” visitors (SUPERVISITORS) ended up becoming a legit 23 minute Occult film unto itself. It just sort of happened that way. Largely created using a technologically updated version of the cut up technique popularized by Brion Gysin and William S. Burroughs back in the day, the movie takes various footage depicting mystical states of consciousness from the 70’s and re-assembles them with a lot of the sigil collage art I’ve been honing in recent years. For those in the know, it has long been theorized that using the cut up technique potentially allows the artist to tap into what’s often referred to as “the third mind” or to see what the art “is really saying” and that’s what’s so odd, transcendent, and baffling about the picture.… Read the rest

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James Franco’s Music Videos Awash in Occult Imagery

Screen Shot 2013-08-15 at 10.26.32 AMIn addition to being an actor, writer, artist and sometimes magician/performance artist, Hollywood renaissance man James Franco also directs. Most recently, he directed two music video for his rock band Daddy, both inundated with occult symbols and depictions of masked people engaging in ritualistic acts. None of the “Satanic” metal bands I listened to as a teenager ever came close to this. When you watch the first video keep an eye out for Grandaddy Occult Weirdo Director Kenneth Anger. Video NSFW

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Donald Cammell’s Cinema of Excess

Anita Pallenberg with Cammell on the set of 'Performance.'

Even if you are a die-hard fan of outre, counter-cultural cinema, you might not leap to attention at the mention of the name Donald Cammell.

A painting prodigy as a young man, Cammell was making a living with his brushes by the age of 19. Having built the foundations of a lucrative portrait painting career, Cammell moved to Paris in search of a more inspired path in art. This shunning of commercial opportunity for artistic possibility marked Cammell’s pursuits in the years to come. It’s both the reason why he’s not more widely known and why he continues to be re-discovered by lovers of cinema on the fringes.

Returning to Swinging London in the 1960’s, Cammell decided that painting was dead and that he needed to turn his talents towards cinema. He lived a bohemian lifestyle and became the embodiment of the era’s libertine ideals.… Read the rest

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Kenneth Anger Interviewed by Gaspar Noe

Here is an interesting match-up... Pioneering esoteric filmmaker Kenneth Anger gets interviewed by pioneering esoteric filmmaker Gaspar Noe in this match-made-in-heaven (hell?) tete-a-tete:

Kenneth Anger, the octogenarian American underground filmmaker, has largely been heralded as one of the founders of experimental film, with his role in inspiring directors such as Martin Scorsese and David Lynch. He pioneered queer, cult and psychedelic film without ever imagining himself in a gere, and this year he crossed over into fashion and created a piece (with longtime collaborator Brian Butler) for the Italian fashion house Missoni.

Gaspar Noé, director of the recent film Enter the Void and creator of the controversial film Irreversible, has long been a vocal supporter of Kenneth Anger...

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Brian Butler: The Wickedest Man In LA

Good to see one-time disinfo-collaborator Brian Butler being recognized as an occult expert. He was recently profiled by Charles Russell (of The Hills fame) in the Huffington Post:
Brian Butler speaks with the soft ease and quiet smirk of someone who either knows something you don't or simply doesn't care. There's some unseen force that compels him to create some of the most haunting installations employing film and music with the likes of Kenneth Anger and Vincent Gallo. He is more unflinchingly dedicated to the validity of his craft than the most rabid of people.
42 second trailer for Night of Pan directed by Brian Butler. Features Vincent Gallo and Kenneth Anger.
However, it is not today, which concerns him for he appears to exist outside the dimensional constraints of time. I sat down with him recently to discuss his new works being shown internationally, dispel the nasty rumors of him hypnotizing and hexing the masses...
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Sitting Now (Podcast) Raises Pan with Brian Butler

Via: sittingnow.co.uk:

This week we venture back into the worlds of the Occult, and film-making. Brian Butler is a filmmaker, magician, and colleague to legendary director Kenneth Anger.

In this weeks episode we discuss: Jack Parsons and his magickal journey, The Night of Pan, Kenneth Anger, and how the occult can influence the filmmaking process.

This weeks guest is Brian Butler

Brian is screening his new film The Night of Pan, as well as performing live music with Death in Vegas’ Richard Fearless in London this week, make sure you don’t miss it — the event is free, and you can get more details here.

Read More: sittingnow.co.uk

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