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Killer Bees Could Help Solve Honeybee Colony Collapse

Killer Bee Swarm
Ray Ring writes at High Country News:

First, to get the blood pumping, a few shots of hysteria:

A recent Los Angeles Times headline sums it up: “Killer bee season underway with a vengeance.” Whoa, and not just because of the cliché. So far this year, the list of killer-bee victims in the U.S. begins with a confirmed fatality, 62-year-old Larry Goodwin, who got stung more than 1,000 times by a Texas swarm that was estimated to total more than 40,000 bees. A headline specifically about that attack: “Horror as huge swarm of Africanized bees chase down farmer stinging him to death.”

In Arizona, “a massive black mass of bees” – whoa, and not just because of the massive repetition – attacked several people and horses in a Phoenix suburb. Other Arizona swarms killed four dogs in Tucson, and maybe (not confirmed) killed a mountain climber and his dog in the Santa Rita range.

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Killer Bees Are Coming For Your Pets! Everybody Panic! Please?

Government shutdowns, drug wars (Hello, Cartels.) and disease outbreaks aren’t enough to shock America’s couch potatoes anymore. “America Now”, a news digest television program that makes NBC’s “Today Show” look like hard-hitting journalism, tries to up the ante with this bit of manufactured terror: Killer bees are going to kill your dogs. Killer bees do indeed kill pets, but so do European honey bees. And chocolate. And heartworms. And snakes. And other dogs.


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