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Here, Kitty Kitty: Passerby Captures Lion Roaming Streets of Kuwait

He decided to sit in the car with the lion…


A passerby lured a runaway lion roaming an upmarket suburb of Kuwait into his car and then called the police for help, an incident that raised concerns about wild animals kept as pets in the wealthy Gulf Arab state.

Pictures in Kuwaiti media showed the animal glaring out of the back of a police car after it had been transferred from the passerby’s own vehicle. The lion, which police said was a young adult, filled the backseat.

“(The passerby) sat inside the car with the lion and then it became dangerous so the citizen called police who came and took it from that car to their car,” a police source said. The lion was picked up as it wandered the streets of Kuwait’s Bayan district, south of the capital, on Saturday.

Settle down, meow.

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Kuwait’s Top Book Censor Discusses Her Job

getimage1-uspostersWondering what it’s like to decide what knowledge is outlawed? The head of book censorship at Kuwait’s Ministry of Information explains how one goes about becoming a censor and defends the practice as a skilled art. The Kuwait Times writes:

The censors who are responsible for censoring books and other publications do an interesting job, which becomes harder during some periods of the year, yet it seems they enjoy it. In Kuwait, freedoms are respected yet within certain limits.

Dalal Al-Mutairi, head of the Foreign Books Department at the Ministry of Information [says]: “Many people consider the censor to be a fanatic and uneducated person, but this isn’t true. We are the most literate people as we have read much, almost every day. We read books for children, religious books, political, philosophical, scientific ones and many others.”

Working as a censor is interesting. “I like this work. It gives us experience, information and we always learn something new.

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