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How Hollywood Killed The Las Vegas Starship Enterprise

Gary Goddard, CEO of entertainment design firm The Goddard Group tells the story of how a full scale Starship Enterprise very nearly came to Las Vegas in 1992, only for Paramount Pictures’ CEO Stanley Jaffe to ruin every Trekkie’s wet dream:

…We learned everything we could about the Starship — its actually size and dimensions, how it would exist in “dry dock” on the planet if indeed such a situation had been possible. We imagined what it could be, and how we might achieve it. We got Ken Ball (former head of engineering at Disney’s MAPO) involved to figure out how to engineer and support it. (Ultimately we realized we would need to add some supports on the outer edge of the “disc” section due to the extremely high wind conditions in Vegas. For this we created a high tech “scaffolding structure” that gave the ship more of the appearance of being in an open-air dry dock. I have not yet located that sketch, but I’ll try to find it.)

Source: The Goddard Group

The “big idea” was building the ship itself at full-scale. That was the main attraction. That being said, we also knew we would have to have some kind of “show” on board…

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A Look at the Tea Party Version of Fiscal Responsibility

The VenetianThe public Tea Party message, we are told, is one of fiscal responsibility. That means paying your debts living within your means, not wildly spending what you don’t have and defaulting to your creditors but according to Benjamin Spillman in the the Las Vegas Review-Journal the walk is much different than talk for the Tea Party Nation:

Some Tennessee tea partiers are in hot water with a Las Vegas gambling resort that’s accusing them of skipping out on a big hotel bill.

On Monday Venetian Casino Resort, LLC., filed suit against Tea Party Nation Corporation of Franklin, Tenn., alleging the group owes $642,144 for canceling a conservative conclave last year. The event, which had been scheduled for July 14–18, 2010, was first postponed until October and ultimately canceled.

The Daily Caller reported at the time there was a lack of people willing to pay $399 for a weekend pass or $125 per day to hear speakers such as conservative commentator Laura Ingraham or politician Sharron Angle, who at the time was in the midst of a failed campaign to oust Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Las Vegas.

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New Postage Stamp Accidentally Features Las Vegas Statue Of Liberty

libertyBoing Boing notes USPS’s unveiling of a brand new Statue of Liberty stamp with “an illustration of the Lady Liberty replica at Las Vegas’s New York-New York casino as opposed to the real statue in New York Harbor.” (The image used came from a stock photography website.) Many details are different between the two.

It’s an example of how we are living in a state of hyperreality, in which symbols or images become more real to us than the original reality they were supposed to represent. Now, in the minds of millions of unaware people (and the government itself), Las Vegas’ fake, amusement-park statue has become the “right” one.

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The Tunnel People Beneath Las Vegas

tubesThe Daily Mail claims that 1,000 people live underground in the flood tunnels beneath the city of Las Vegas. While tourists and the rich flock to palace-like casinos, the tunnel people live below in darkness, amongst poisonous spiders and individuals with names like The Troll.

Deep beneath Vegas’s glittering lights lies a sinister labyrinth inhabited by poisonous spiders and a man nicknamed The Troll who wields an iron bar.

But astonishingly, the 200 miles of flood tunnels are also home to 1,000 people who eke out a living in the strip’s dark underbelly.

Some, like Steven and his girlfriend Kathryn, have furnished their home with considerable care – their 400sq ft “bungalow” boasts a double bed, a wardrobe and even a bookshelf. They have been there for five years, fashioning a shower out of a water cooler, hanging paintings on the walls and collating a library from abandoned books. Steven was forced into the tunnels three years ago after his heroin addiction led to him losing his job.

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Las Vegas Hotel Accidentally Produces “Death Ray”

1285688921650 A hotel in the Las Vegas desert was built with a super-reflective, concave exterior that concentrates sunlight to create an unintentional “death ray.” People lounging outside have complained of burning, singed hair, and the feeling of being cooked alive. Just more proof that Vegas is evil.

Las Vegas resorts have long vied to be known as the hottest place in town. But that’s not such a great distinction for Vdara, a 10-month-old Strip hotel-condo where a “death ray” of strong Nevada sunlight reflects off the concave, all-glass facade and onto sections of the pool deck throughout the day.

Chicago attorney Bill Pintas felt its power firsthand after returning to his lounge chair after a swim last week. “It felt like I had a chemical burn. I couldn’t imagine why my head was burning,” said Pintas, who owns a condo in the 57-story building. “Within 30 seconds, the back of my legs and back were burning.

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The New (Gringo) Face Of Day Labor

The Las Vegas Sun has an article of the recent trend of U.S. citizens’ joining the ranks of immigrants who stand in store parking lots, hoping to be picked up for work:

It sounds like a George Lopez joke: “Times are so bad that I saw an Anglo day laborer standing outside Home Depot the other day.”

Except it’s true…In the latest sign of the Las Vegas Valley’s economic free fall, U.S. citizens are starting to show up in the early mornings outside home improvement stores and plant nurseries across the Las Vegas Valley, jostling with illegal immigrants for a shot at a few hours of work.

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