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Laughter Has Been Hacked

Atlanta1FIxLaughter has been effectively hacked and people can now essentially laugh anytime they want, most just don’t know it. The strange proof is that laughing contests such as this Saturday’s 2014 American Laughing Championships in Atlanta could not exist otherwise.

At the event, a live audience will watch as a dozen challengers compete in a series of laughs including The Diabolical Laugh, The Alabama Kneeslapper and a new category, Sexiest Laugh in America. What is strange perhaps is that competitors will laugh without jokes, humour or looking at anything funny. How is that possible?

“It’s actually pretty amazing when you think about it,” said current American Laughing Champion, Chicago Native, Julie Ostrow. “That for 90 minutes everyone will be laughing, audience and competitor alike without a single joke being told.”

All competitive laughers use a technique where they trigger authentic laughter by laughing. Otherwise the 90 minute show of people pretending to laugh would likely be unbearable. The contest then becomes funny because everyone is laughing.… Read the rest

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Laughing Is Now A Competitive Sport

Could laughing be a competitive sport? "Punching people in the face is a competitive sport," says Laughologist Albert Nerenberg, "so why not?" This April, Nerenberg, hosts the first ever American Laughing Championships at the San Diego Westin Ballroom. Once unthinkable, Laughter competitions have become a bizarre but entertaining international trend, with championships taking place in Japan, France, Canada, the UK, and Austria. The American contest stands to be the largest yet paired with the national conference of the Association for Therapeutic Humor, (AATH) April 6th. Some of the nation’s most contagious laughers are expected.
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Laughter Exercise Going Mainstream

Well it’s taken a while, but the most mainstream of mainstream news organizations has declared that laughter is a form of exercise. If they’d watched Albert Nerenberg’s documentary film Laughology back when it was released by disinformation in 2010 their readers could have been happier and healthier by now. Oh well, here’s Gretchen Reynolds’ take in the New York Times:

Is laughter a kind of exercise? That offbeat question is at the heart of a new study of laughing and pain that emphasizes how unexpectedly entwined our bodies and emotions can be.

For the study, which was published this year in Proceedings of the Royal Society B, researchers at Oxford University recruited a large group of undergraduate men and women.

They then set out to make their volunteers laugh.

Most of us probably think of laughter, if we think of it at all, as a response to something funny – as, in effect, an emotion.

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Happy World Laughter Day

World Laughter Day 2011 LogoMake sure you enjoy a long laugh today: Laughter is good for you and it’s officially World Laughter Day. If you want to know about the health benefits of laughing, check out Albert Nerenberg’s serious, but fun, documentary Laughology.

The founder of laughter yoga and the man who started the worldwide craze, Dr. Madan Kataria, has this message for you:

My Dear Laughter Friends,

World Laughter Day is customarily celebrated on the first Sunday of May every year. This year on 1st of May, thousands of people in more than 70 countries will laugh together to promote peace and harmony in the midst of natural disasters, global unrest, violence and terrorism, all of which has disrupted the tranquility of our planet – mother earth. It is also a day committed to spread the message of good health and joy through laughter.

Every year millions of dollars are being spent on maintaining health as stress levels are steadily increasing and the cost of health care has become a great concern for people at large and governments all over the world.

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Dutch Man Laughs At Anything After Hip Surgery

Laughing ManWe all can learn from this (be sure to have CC on for subtitles for the video). Via CBS News:
Huug Bosse underwent hip surgery two years ago and now can't stop cracking up no matter how hard he tries. "It appears that due to the operation, due to the anesthesia, he was laughing more," Bosse's wife told the Dutch TV show Man Bijt Hond. "When you are having a discussion and all he does is laughing, then it gets annoying." Can this bizarre behavior be explained by a medical condition?
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Model Wins America’s First Laughter Championship At ‘Laugh Riot’

Gabrielle Rivera

Gabrielle Rivera

Gabrielle Rivera, a 23 year old Puerto Rican model, was the decisive winner of the first California Ultimate Laughing Championship in front of over 200 people at the historic Fremont Cinema in San Luis Obispo, California Saturday night.

Rivera was declared “Best Laugher in California 2011.” She triumphed in the “Diabolical laugh,” “Snort laugh,” and “Laugh at Yourself” competitions before defeating 10 contenders in a series of knock down “Laughter Duels.” She said she practices by laughing at herself.

The San Luis Obispo Tribune called the event a “laugh riot” and local TV station KSBY reported that the contest brought smiles to the faces of San Luis Obispo residents.

As the organizer and speaking as a professional laughologist (I’m the director of Laughology, the first feature documentary on laughter), I would never have expected that a model would win the championship. In my (limited) experience, models are usually robots, but this woman really has an authentic, unstoppable laugh.… Read the rest

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Is Competitive Laughter Becoming A New Craze?

LaughologyThe documentary Laughology is helping set off a new fad with the discovery that competitive laughter can be entertaining.

The film makes the case that laughter itself is the primary motivator of laughter, so jokes aren’t necessary for people to have a good time. After a laughing contest in Montreal where the audience was in stitches, a competition made headlines in Tokyo. This Saturday a laughter contest hits America in the form of the California Ultimate Laughing Championship. Linda Massarella reports for the Toronto Sun:

So there was this American state called California with one of the highest unemployment rates on the continent and citizens fretting about losing their homes to foreclosure … when in walks this Canadian guy.

Yes, it’s Toronto documentary filmmaker Albert Nerenberg to the rescue of the depressed and anxious around here [San Luis Obispo, CA] next Saturday when he brings his movie, Laughology, to a film festival just north of L.A.

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Laugh For Long Life

Lee Berk. Source: Loma Linda Univ.

Lee Berk. Source: Loma Linda Univ.

Anyone who has seen Albert Nerenberg’s film Laughology knows that there are health benefits to laughing as much and as often as possible. Further scientific proof of the merits of Laughter Yoga, Laughtercize and just plain old laughing is reported by Discover Magazine:

Researchers have long known that laughter boosts the immune system, lowers cholesterol and blood pressure, and reduces stress. In a preliminary new study, psychoneuro-immunologist Lee Berk and his team at Loma Linda University in California show that the parallels between laughing and exercise go even further: Shifts in appetite hormones following a case of the giggles resemble the effects of a moderate session at the gym.

Berk measured blood levels of ghrelin, a hunger-regulating hormone, before and after 14 study participants watched 20 minutes of humorous TV (selected from a menu including Saturday Night Live, Bill Cosby’s stand-up, and Seinfeld). He then compared the data with hormone levels recorded before and after the test subjects watched the distressing opening battle scenes of Saving Private Ryan.

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‘Laughology’ Strikes Ontario, With Hilarious, Bizarre and Comical Events

LaughologyCoverdisinformation‘s breakthrough “new laughter” film Laughology launches in Ontario, Canada this week with a series of events and screenings featuring demonstrations of laughter techniques, laughter contests and a laugh-in.

On Monday, Nov. 22nd, Laughology director and professional laughologist Albert Nerenberg speaks in downtown Toronto and about the repression of female laughter:

The Power of Female Laughter takes place Monday evening at 5:30 at the Duke of Westminster Pub at First Canadian Place, 77 Adelaide Street West and is being put on by the Toronto Chapter of 85 Broads. Tickets are $15 in advance and $20 at the door.

Contact: 85BroadsTO@gmail.com

On Wednesday, Nov. 23rd, Laughology launches in the town of Collingwood, Ontario, with a new laughter demonstration and a feature screening. More info here:


Finally, on Friday November 26th, a mass laugh-in precedes a screening of Laughology at the Revue Cinema in Toronto. Nerenberg will demonstrate new contagious laughter triggers, while there will be a short laughter competition before the show.… Read the rest

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This Is My Nightmare: 700 Clowns Laughing Together Set Record (Video)

This is not OK, and it never will be. The horror. The horror. Via Fox TV DC:
About 700 clowns attended the Fifteenth International Clown Convention in Mexico City last Wednesday, where attendees set a new record. After laughing for 15 minutes, the clowns could not break the "laughing world record" but were able to break the national record in Mexico. Clowns from the United States, Peru, Guatemala, Dominican Republic, Nicaragua and other countries attended three days of meetings, which began on 18 October, participating in conferences, exhibitions and make up competitions.
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