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TSA Detains Student for Arabic Study Cards; Asked By Agent ‘Do You Know Who Did 9/11?’

Arabic Study CardsRAW Story is reporting today the ACLU is filing a lawsuit on behalf of the student. Here's the original report from Dave Davies in the Philadelphia Daily News:
EIGHT YEARS after 9/11, we're used to changes in our routines. We show ID to get into office buildings, and take off our shoes at airports. But should a college student flying back to school be handcuffed and held for five hours because he has Arabic flash cards in his backpack? That's the way Nick George, a senior at Pomona College, in California, sees what happened to him at the Philadelphia airport two Saturdays ago. George, of Wyncote, Montgomery County, was about to catch a Southwest flight back to school when stereo speakers in his backpack caught the eye of screeners at the metal detector.
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T-Mobile Sued For ‘Catastrophic’ Losses Of Data

By Wendy Davis of online media daily:

T-Mobile’s Sidekick data loss isn’t just a messy public relations problem. The debacle also could leave the company with some big legal bills.

This week, T-Mobile was hit with two separate class-action lawsuits alleging that the company misled consumers into believing that their data was more secure than was the case. “One of the major selling points of Sidekicks was that users always had access to their personal data, and that such data would and could be properly entrusted to defendants to maintain and retain, safely, securely and always available,” Sidekick user Maureen Thompson alleges in a lawsuit filed in federal district court in San Jose, Calif.

T-Mobile said Saturday that photos, contacts and other data that wasn’t currently on Sidekick devices had most likely been lost due to a server failure at Microsoft subsidiary Danger, which powers data services on the Sidekick.

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