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Russia’s Leech Boom

What will be the new burgeoning industry of the twenty-first century? Many in Russia are betting it’s leech farming. Cosmetics made from leeches are said to soften the skin and fight aging, and use of leeches to detoxify the blood is growing in popularity.

Will Russia lead the way to a revolution in leech farming? English Russia has a collection of jaw-dropping pictures that may make you queasy:

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Leech Blood DNA Match Solves Crime

Leeches have been invaluable societal tools for centuries. And they are still proving to have use today; the The Daily Mail reports on how a decade-old crime in Australia was solved after police found a leech with the suspect’s blood:

An armed robber has been caught after his DNA was matched with blood from a leech found at the scene of the crime he committed eight years ago.

The creature was the only piece of evidence recovered from a farmhouse ransacked by Peter Cannon and an accomplice. But it was only when Cannon was arrested for a separate crime last year that the DNA match was discovered by Australian police.

It is the oddest way of convicting anyone I have ever been involved in,’ Detective Inspector Mick Johnston said. ‘I have not been able to find any similar cases anywhere in the world – nothing like this at all.’Read the rest

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