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Two Minutes Hate

thai-crackdownFrom Nick Pell at Red Star Times

Four things happened recently that I think require attention. They speak to not just the world that we live in as it is, but the direction where we are headed. It’s a cliche to repeat, but that won’t stop me–the Chinese curse “may you live in interesting times” applies now more than ever.

We do, indeed live in “interesting” times. Times as interesting as 1914, 1929 or 1939. We will live to see days like 1905, 1936 and 1968. Only time will tell if they blossom into 1789, 1871 or 1917, but the alternative is too terrifying to even contemplate.

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“The Left” vs. The Working Class

Hi, I'm a Douchebag and my name is This Guy

From Nick Pell at Red Star Times

“The Communist Party cannot fulfill its mission except by preserving, completely and unconditionally, its political and organizational independence apart from all other parties and organizations within and without the working class.” – L. Trotsky

I am frequently maligned and attacked for not supporting “the left.” Slings and arrows thrown my way include admonishments to “get behind the real movement” and appeals for a “united front” from people who clearly don’t understand what the term means. However, it’s worth pointing out (once again) that I don’t consider building “the left” to be the task of a socialist. The task of a socialist is to help the working class organize to take power. Rather than building block along the road towards this end, the left is perhaps the largest impediment to working class politics both domestically and internationally. Whether you think of the left as being the Democratic Party or any number of social democratic and Stalinist parties internationally matters not at all.… Read the rest

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Who Funds the Radical Left In America?

Steve Baldwin for the Western Center for Journalism:

Very few Americans realize there exists a large network of far left philanthropists and foundations in America dedicated to destroying the American way of life, our Christian-based culture and our free enterprise system.  They seek to remove America from its constitutional foundations and move it toward a European-style socialism.  Much of this effort is coordinated by a little known group called the Tides Foundation and its related group, the Tides Center.

The Strategic Principles of the Tides Foundation

The Strategic Principles of the Tides Foundation

Over the course of its 33 year history, the Tides network has given hundreds of millions of dollars to anti-free enterprise groups, gun control groups, anti-private property groups, abortion rights groups, homosexual groups, groups engaged in voter fraud, anti-military groups, and organizations that seek to destroy America’s constitutional basis. All told, over 100 leftist organizations have received funding from one of the two Tides groups.

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The Wal-Mart Hippies

David Brooks disses tea partiers, the ‘New Left’ and conspiracy theorists in the New York Times (where else?):

About 40 years ago, a social movement arose to destroy the establishment. The people we loosely call the New Left wanted to take on The Man, return power to the people, upend the elites and lead a revolution.

Today, another social movement has arisen. The people we loosely call the Tea Partiers also want to destroy the establishment. They also want to take on The Man, return power to the people, upend the elites and lead a revolution.

There are many differences between the New Left and the Tea Partiers. One was on the left, the other is on the right. One was bohemian, the other is bourgeois. One was motivated by war, and the other is motivated by runaway federal spending. One went to Woodstock, the other is more likely to go to Wal-Mart.

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John Avlon: The Birthers Began on the Left

PUMAJohn Avlon writes on the Daily Beast:

The Birthers were back in force at the National Tea Party Convention in Nashville.

The high-profile resurgence of the Birther claims on cable television provoked much self-satisfaction from liberals as the latest evidence of the influence of wingnuts on conservative politics.

But there’s an inconvenient truth liberals are going to have to confront: The Birthers began not on the right, but on the left.

Investigations for my new book, Wingnuts, revealed that the Birther conspiracy theory was first concocted by renegade members of the original Obama haters, Party Unity My Ass, known more commonly by their acronym, the PUMAs. They were a splinter group of hard-core Hillary Clinton supporters who did not want to give up the ghost after the bitter 50-state Bataan Death March to the 2008 Democratic nomination.

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Marty Beckerman is the Greatest Writer in the History of Literature?!?

For this Friday, December 11th we’d like to share the joy of Marty Beckerman, who was recently praised by talking head extraordinaire Andrew Sullivan for no less feat than, thinking.

So we’re going to give away copies of Marty Beckerman’s Dumbocracy: Adventures with the Loony Left, the Rabid Right, and Other American Idiots to 25 people (or more) who tweet the following on Friday, December 11th:

DUMBOCRACY author @martybeckerman is the greatest writer in the history of literature?!? @disinfo #martybeckerman http://bit.ly/8QZ6N3

Just to know what you’re getting into, below is an excerpt of Dumbocracy. The more you tweet the above phrase this Friday actually will increase your chance of mindmelding with Marty Beckerman himself.

So spread the joy of Marty over Twitter on Friday, we will be watching…

Still not convinced? Check out MartyBeckerman.com and Marty’s musings on the Daily Beast.

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