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American Politics Gets Weirder Than Ever: Levi Johnston Runs For Mayor

Levi_Johnston_at_Minnesota_Republican_ConventionJust when you thought American politics couldn’t get any more ridiculous! People Magazine (where else?!?) has the story:

Some people will do anything for attention – including running for mayor of Wasilla, Alaska.

The latest hopeful to toss his hat into the ring? None other than reality-star wannabe Levi Johnston, who hopes his campaign will attract viewers to his proposed TV reality show.

Johnston, 20, has paired with the veteran reality firm Stone and Co., already responsible for TLC’s Extreme Food Sculpting, to pitch a Loving Levi: The Road to the Mayor’s Office pilot, the production company confirms to The Hollywood Reporter.

Those will memory loss may need to be reminded that Johnston’s almost mother-in-law, Sarah Palin, was mayor of the small town (pop. 10,000) from 1992-2002, before becoming governor of the state…

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