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The Infinite and the BeyondPodcast: Episode #002 — Beyond 93!

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In this episode of The Infinite and the Beyond, we talk about seeking community as this seems to be a hot issues right now throughout the Pagan Podcasting community.

We meet a common friend of heavy metal album covers and anti-mason propagandists as we learn about Baphomet in the regular show segment A Corner in the Occult. The most well known image of Baphomet was drawn by 19th century French occultist and magickian Eliphas Levi for his text Transcendental Magic and it is an often misinterpreted image often misconstrued as being a depiction of Pan or the Christian Devil, but in truth the image, symbolism, origins, and history of Baphomet offers so much more to the aspiring student than one can ever realize.

We learn just what I mean when I refer to occultism and the occult as many individuals often misunderstand these terms and in their ignorance over look the greater complexities and contributions that occultism has done for human history and continued human development in this day and age.

And to close I offer some friendly discourse by elaborating on Thelema, its Laws, and how I personally apply them in my daily life as we go beyond 93; all this and more in this thrilling second episode!

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