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Psychologists are known for being liberal – but is that because they understand how people think?

It’s not that studying psychology made me a bleeding heart, but that studying psychology gave me a better understanding of how people think and behave.  (Hartwig HKD CC BY-ND 2.0)

It’s not that studying psychology made me a bleeding heart, but that studying psychology gave me a better understanding of how people think and behave. (Hartwig HKD CC BY-ND 2.0)

Is the field of social psychology biased against political conservatives? There has been intense debate about this question since an informal poll of over 1,000 attendees at a social psychology meeting in 2011 revealed the group to be overwhelmingly liberal.

Formal surveys have produced similar results, showing the ratio of liberals to conservatives in the broader field of psychology is 14-to-1.

Since then, social psychologists have tried to figure out why this imbalance exists.

The primary explanation offered is that the field has an anticonservative bias. I have no doubt that this bias exists, but it’s not strong enough to push people who lean conservative out of the field at the rate they appear to be leaving.… Read the rest

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Bombs of Love: Republicans Want Tax Dollars to Kill, Not Heal

Images Money (CC BY 2.)

Images Money (CC BY 2.)

Via Leo Gerard at Alternet:

Shock and awe describes the budgets issued last week by Republicans in the House and Senate. The shock is that the GOP never stops trying to destroy beloved programs like Medicare. Awe inspiring is their audacity in describing their killing plans as moral.

When the House released its budget last Tuesday, Georgia Republican Rep.Rob Woodall said, “A budget is a moral document; it talks about where your values are.” His chamber’s spending plan shows that Republicans highly value war and place no value on health care for America’s elderly, working poor and young adults.

The opposite of win-win, the GOP budgets are kill-kill. Despite the GOP’s successful demand in 2011 for spending caps, Republicans now want more money for the military. War kills, as too many families of troops deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan know. By contrast, Republicans gouge domestic spending, condemning Americans to die unnecessarily from untreated disease.

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Get a Liberal Out of America

Max Hertz is a liberal, college professor, and artist — and he wants out of America. To do so, he’s set up a crowdfunding campaign. Hertz explains that he’s asking conservatives to put their money where their mouths are, as they are known to say things like: “If you don’t like America, you should just leave.”

Hertz explains, “I am worried about the growing anti-liberal, anti-art and anti-intellectual trends in America and I am actually concerned for my well being and safety.” A little melodramatic, maybe, but he seems hellbent on getting the hell out of here. By donating to his campaign, you will receive hate filled, right wing bumper stickers.

“I would like to leave America before the next scheduled installment of a right-wing president takes place.” Hertz explains.

You can check out his website/donate here.

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On the Certainty of Uncertainty, or: Why there is no Skepticism beyond Self-Skepticism

handmade, scissor and glue collage. may, 2009. Joana Coccarelli (CC BY 2.0)

inner life of a skeptic
handmade, scissor and glue collage. may, 2009. Joana Coccarelli (CC BY 2.0)

It seems to me that if you ask most people, most will tell you that most people are idiots. It doesn’t matter which political, philosophical, spiritual, moral, ethical background these people come from. If you ask them, everybody else is idiotic, except for themselves, of course. Therefore, however, if most people are idiots, and most people believe that most people are idiots, then most of the people who believe most people are idiots, are idiots.

This is quite a conundrum. Mathematically speaking, most people who believe most people are idiots are, themselves, idiots. And since I’m one of these people who believe most people are idiots, there’s a good chance that I, myself, am an idiot.

To get anywhere, I have to acknowledge this fact — I may, in fact, be one of the idiots.… Read the rest

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Americans Sorting Themselves into Politically Similar Counties

Eric Fischer (CC BY 2.0)

Eric Fischer (CC BY 2.0)

Via ScienceDaily:

Researchers at the University of Rhode Island have analyzed almost 40 years of election data and relocation patterns around the United States and found that Americans are increasingly sorting themselves into politically homogeneous communities. But it hasn’t happened in the way they expected. Their research was published online last week in the journal Political Geography.

Corey Lang, assistant professor of environmental economics, and Shanna Pearson-Merkowitz, associate professor of political science, sought evidence for claims made in the 2008 book The Big Sort that suggested that people were choosing to live in politically segregated communities where Republicans and Democrats had little interaction with each other. Many academics disagreed with author Bill Bishop’s hypothesis, so Lang and Pearson-Merkowitz decided to test it.

They examined data from presidential elections for every county in the country from 1976 to 2012, scrutinizing how voter support for political parties changed from one election to another.

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The 2014 Midterm Results: Everybody Lost

Patrick Delahanty from Louisville, United States CC BY 2.0

Patrick Delahanty from Louisville, United States CC BY 2.0

Within four hours of the polls closing in Kentucky, this year’s midterm elections already had their viral image [not pictured due to copyright, please follow the link]: Alison Lundergan Grimes at the podium in her campaign headquarters, half sheepishly smiling, half grimacing after her concession speech to Mitch McConnell.

It was as if the entire Democratic party that night had been summed up in a single image. There she was, trapped in a race that was pretty much hopeless from the start, trying desperately to peel a few votes off of McConnell while also rallying her base, to offer a little something to everyone and in doing so offering nothing to anyone. And after this strategy inevitably failed, she still had to try to look dignified, displeased with the results, but magnanimous in defeat. But instead she just looked goofy, like a video game villain right after being bopped in the head by one of the Mario brothers – or in this case, the Koch brothers.… Read the rest

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Political Polarization & Media Habits


Do you listen to NPR or watch the Colbert Report? You may be more liberal than the folks who watch MSNBC. Do you read “The Blaze”? You may be more conservative than those who watch Fox News.

via Pew Research:

When it comes to getting news about politics and government, liberals and conservatives inhabit different worlds. There is little overlap in the news sources they turn to and trust. And whether discussing politics online or with friends, they are more likely than others to interact with like-minded individuals, according to a new Pew Research Center study.

The project – part of a year-long effort to shed light on political polarization in America – looks at the ways people get information about government and politics in three different settings: the news media, social media and the way people talk about politics with friends and family. In all three areas, the study finds that those with the most consistent ideological views on the left and right have information streams that are distinct from those of individuals with more mixed political views – and very distinct from each other.

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Politics of Social Media: Where You’re Likely to Find Conservatives and Liberals

via Mediaite:

Politically inactive conservatives generally populate Pinterest, while politically inactive liberals tend to use Instagram. Them’s the facts, according to new data revealed by audience measurement service Quantcast this month.

As the helpful chart below demonstrates, Facebook is the most politically balanced platform (likely because it has so many users), while the majority of social media “skew Democrat and [politically] inactive”:


A few other noticeable details:

1) Pinterest is the most conservative social media outlet, thus confirming existing stereotypes about the site being used by older, wealthy women from the midwest states.

2) Disqus is the most politically active social media outlet. Anyone surprised? It also skews conservative, which explains a lot. (But that’s also somewhat surprising, as we’ve noticed at Mediaite that articles about conservatives doing silly things tend to have lots of liberal comments, and vice versa.)

3) Twitter apparently leans the furthest left among all social media.

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Barack Obama is the True Conservative

Picture: Joshua Debner (CC)

Michael Tracey writes at Counterpunch:

Listen to the right-wing these days, and you’re bound to hear ad nauseum about Barack Obama’s allegedly ‘radical socialist’ agenda.

Box office record-smashing documentary “2016: Obama’s America” argues that the president endeavors to actualize the “anti-capitalist, anti-Christian, and anti-American” ambitions of his late father by destroying our country from within. (Because Obama, of course, hates America).

Echoing this sentiment, Mitt Romney has declared that Obama harbors “a vision of government that is entirely foreign to anything this nation has ever known.”

But wait just one second there, Mitt. As Joe Biden might put it, this is all a bunch of malarkey. Nothing about Barack Obama’s tenure in office thus far indicates that he is a stealth Marxist, wussy peacenik, Muslim Brotherhood booster, or any of the other countless caricatures dreamt up by unhinged internet commenters.

Newsflash: He has basically managed the executive branch as a conservative.

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